Saturday, July 14, 2007

Globe Continues to Cool even as GW Crowd Says Otherwise!

This article originally ran in November of 2006. We have updated it, a bit, with a link to NOAA's Report, which we think you will find interesting and educational. ... ED

Globe Continues to Cool even as GW Crowd Says Otherwise!
At roughly 11:00AM Eastern Time Wednesday (yesterday, November 16th, 2006), the National Ocean & Atmospheric Administration
announced that for the second straight month, America saw below-average temperatures.

Huh? Uh, what was that???

Yep! For two months the US has been cooler than normal. So, why haven’t you heard about this either in the papers or on the TV or radio. Where is the news media on this? Well, it seems it doesn’t fit the Politicaly Correct Template of Global Warming, therefore it is not fit to be printed or broadcast.

Well, our friends over at “NewBusters” have the story. You’ll find it at:

If you’d like to read NOAA’s report… go here:

We have been saying for a very long time now, and we see no reason to change or position… Global Warming is a HOAX.


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Opinionnation said...

you see, by saying the earth is warming and we're all gonna die, global warmers really meant: we're so full of shit; please pay attention to us.