Friday, July 13, 2007

The US Soldier’s Worst Enemy Is To Their Rear!

US Soldier’s Worst Enemy Is To Their Rear!

You know, I have come to believe that had the Nazis and the Japanese only waited til the 21st century to attack America they would have won, hands down, in a walk! I know, I know, that’s not saying much for America’s “manhood” these days, is it? No, it is not! There is an obvious lack of testosterone in our national leaders. It is PAINFULLY obvious!

I mean look at the Democrats in Congress. A limp-wristed bunch if there ever was one. They’re made up of old hippies and flower children. You know, the “make love, not war” crowd. Yep! This is the crowd, from the sixties, in tie-dyed t-shirts stuffing daisy’s down the barrels of American soldier’s rifles. THAT is whom we have in charge of the nation’s government these days.

You think I’m not worried?

You’re darned right… I am frightened for the safety of my country every waking hour.

On the Republican side of the aisle… well, things aren’t much better, either. It appears more and more that the voices from the right are quivering as they make pitiful attempts to stand in the way of the socialist plans the Democrats are dead set on ramming through the Congress. You can tell the GOP’s heart is just not in their painfully inept attempts to thwart the Left. It is sickening to watch.

Now, the guys and gals in uniform are out on the front lines getting shot at, and blown to bits, daily and yet the enemy they are facing on the battlefield is not their worst enemy. No, their worst enemy is their own countrymen in the Congress of the United States. Their efforts have managed to keep the war in Iraq going much longer than was necessary and as a result it has cost the US many more lives than was necessary just to get this far.

The US military is saddled with political bosses in the Pentagon, who seem to be far more interested in kissing up to the Congress, and the Administration, than they do in winning wars. And… that plays right into the hands of the Left in the positions of power in Congress. The results? … Dead American soldiers and a longer war than was/is necessary.

I sincerely hope that if the next President is from the right, he will have the intestinal fortitude to purge the US Military of the “politician soldiers” in positions of leadership and appoint some “fighting generals” to those positions.

As a veteran, it pains me to see our military hobbled as it is. Millions, yea, billions of dollars have gone into training and equipping the world’s finest military and their own leaders will not allow them to perform at peak efficiency.

But, when a country has a political party, in charge, which hates the President MORE than they love their country… that is the sort of thing one can expect. They care not for your son, or daughter, in the military. In fact, they hold the military in disdain. They are bent upon doing everything they can to tarnish the American military’s image and to reduce its chances of ever winning another conflict.

Yet the brave young men and women of America keep signing up for the military with a stated desire to go fight for and defend their country. They do it, you see, to make the country safe for the less than brave souls in the Congress who sell them out on a daily basis. How ironic is this???

The REAL question is: How long can a country like this survive? Not much longer. Of that you can be sure. The old expression: “a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link”, also applies to a country. The weakest links in America now run the country.

Just this week, I was in a meeting with a couple of the “Swift Boat” Vets who gave John Kerry such a hard time during the ’04 Presidential campaign. They are men I admire. They are REAL men. They don’t pretend to be anything they are not. They are the kind of men I would follow into battle… even today. They are fighting men… men who know no compromise in war. “Peace through Victory” is a sort of mantra for them.

Sadly, our national leaders, and some who would be our leaders, know no such motto, nor do they serve any such principal. They haven’t even the common sense to understand that the nation is at war! Some even openly deny we’re at war preferring, instead, the comfort of their own self-inflated intellect.

America is in deep peril! The peril is not from her enemies outside. (That is a peril we can easily handle.) But the peril, which endangers our very survival as a nation, is from those INSIDE the country who haven’t the sense to understand that their hatred for a President and their desire to turn this nation from a Representative Republic into a Socialist Basket Case is destroying the greatest nation in the history of this planet.


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TexasFred said...

You know, I have come to believe that had the Nazis and the Japanese only waited til the 21st century to attack America they would have won, hands down
Truer words have never been spoken, if this bunch had been in power on Dec 7, 1941, we'd all be speaking German or Japanese today...

And that's pretty sad too, we're STILL the most powerful nation on earth but you'd never know it by the idiots we have running things...

Leo said...

What a bunch of B.S.! The right, and George Bush have had carte blanche in Iraq and the war on terror for over four years now, and have accomplished what?! Exactly, nothing, other than weakening our military, involving us in an unnecessary war while allowing the leaders of Al Qaeda to run free in Pakistan and rebuild their organization to a strength equal to before 9/11, creating more terrorists by invading the muslim nation of Iraq for NO reason other than greed. Bush has been given all of the troops and money he has requested, each and every time he has asked, and you say the reason the country is bogged down in Iraq and Al Qaeda is stronger than ever, is because of the left??!!!! Give us all a freaking break and get a real argument, that has some logic and merit. The democrats have not had and still do not have the numbers they need in Congress to prevent King George from contining down the same path of stupidity this country has been on since he took office, so where do you get the audacity to try and blame the left for the freaking quagmire this country finds itself in? You helped elect this moron, so how about taking a little responsibility for his terrible decisions? God knows, he certainly will never take any, nor learn from his mistakes.

Donald Douglas said...

You have the courage to say what others won't. Bush may have made mistakes, but I doubt many can question his resolve in the face of evil.

God bless the troops, and our country. May she see many future centuries of prosperity.

Thanks for your words.

Longstreet said...

Thanks, Leo, for helping me make my case! I couldn't do it without the able assistance of you folks on the Left! You never fail me! I love it!

Best regards!


Douglas V. Gibbs said...

The left simply underestimates the enemy - and will until a WMD crosses our bleeding border and is shoved up our rear. Even then, they won't treat it as an act of war, and will probably blame the right for what happened.

Leo said...

Yeah typical neocon, didn't address even one of the points I made, because you have no answers to them. You, Bush and the rest of the neocons live in your own little fantasy world, in which everyone else is always to blame for your own mistakes.

Longstreet said...

Madam (Leo): Your "points" as you call them, were so off-base as to be laughable! Your obvious inexperience in worldly matters is so minute as to be a liabilty to you in any discussion of world and national affairs.

So, now, I'm a neocon? HA! If anything I am a Paleo-con! Been conservative since the first sparks of awareness sizzled amongst the synapses. And that, dear lady, was before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

I came of age in war. I came of age in a time, so unlike yours, as to be unbelievable by your generation.

When we hear you prattle on, with such a lack of wisdom, we shake out heads in wonderment. We ask the obvious question, how can this country survive with folks so disconnected from reality.

Respectfuly, madam, I admire you for having the fortitude to challenge. But I would suggest that , in future, strive to know your topic.

Thank you for dropping by!

Best regards!