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U.S. Government to Sacrifice American Lives to Pagan Religion!

US Government to Sacrifice American Lives to Pagan Religion!

The first thing we have to understand is… the US Government is willing to accept an escalation of death and destruction on the nation’s highways and a even more marked escalation in the prices of food in US supermarkets and for poor nations around the world JUST so they can raise the CAFÉ standards on automobile gasoline consumption in the US. They’re going to save the earth… and quite possible… get you or your family killed in the process. But, do they care? You bet your sweet bippy they don’t!

Some 35 years ago, American auto makers made automobiles with tremendous gas mileage. How did they do it then? The same way they will do it now. Reduce the size of the vehicle, and use more plastic and extremely lightweight metal. Lower weight… more gas mileage. It’s as simple as that.

But there are four “unintended consequences”: More people get killed in auto crashes, because those small lightweight cars will not offer the protection the sedans, SUV’s, and trucks, we drive today, offer. Plus, when people realize it is costing them less for gasoline, because they get better gas mileage, rather than save the gas and save their money, they actually will drive more, increasing the national consumption of gasoline and increasing the number of people killed on the nation’s highways. I’m not making this up. It happened, already, in the 70’s and 80’s.

What’s the third unintended consequence? American automakers going “BUST”. Every last American Auto Maker is on borrowed time right now. To force them to retool is an expense they cannot afford, so hundreds of thousands of auto workers will be out of work driving the national unemployment figures upwards in an ugly spike!

And the fourth unintended consequence is, as I mentioned above… wholesale and retail food prices soaring. Not just in this country, but all over the world. The reasoning is simple here. Nearly every food product out there today uses some by-product of corn. When farm acreage is used to grow corn, rather than the variety of food we grow today, foods, other than corn, will become scarce. The law of Supply and Demand states the prices on those scarce products will increase. Then, there are the foods, which use corn by-products in their processing. Their prices will skyrocket… and that is very nearly every food product on the shelves in your favorite supermarket today. Already the bushel price for corn has climbed dramatically and the rise is already felt in the pocketbooks of the consumer at the grocery store.

Then, there are the people of the world’s poorer nations who depend on corn as a staple for life. They can barely afford to buy what they need to survive now. With market prices soaring on corn, they will not be able to feed their people. Civil unrest will be the order of the day. We’re already seeing it in nations to our south.

Can it happen again? You bet! And it is about to.

Now, understand this: Those of us who drive SUV’s and Trucks and Sedans with lots of METAL in them, and tough frames, and chassis, are not going to easily park those vehicles in favor of the new light-weight deathtraps. We will continue to drive them. And may the Good Lord help you if we have an accident with one of our SUV’s, Sedans, or Trucks versus your tiny little “beer can on wheels” car. You will, in all likelihood, be badly injured, or killed, and we will have hardly a scratch!

Now, a reasonable person would think that smart people, as our national leaders claim to be, would have thought this through. I submit to you… THEY DID! And they decided to sacrifice the lives of Americans, rather than knock holes in the tundra, up north, or sink oil wells off the extremely long coastline of the US and suck the oil deposits, we KNOW are there, out of the ground and into our economy.. No! In the name of worshipping the earth, the NEW PAGAN RELIGION, they are more than willing to sacrifice your life, and the lives of your children, to the NEW God of Global Warming!

Two things about that: One Global Warming is NOT a god. And two, worshiping nature is not new. In fact, it is one of man’s oldest religions. It is Paganism! It is Godless. It is repulsive!

But, these are the times we find ourselves in. A time when Pagans run the world’s governments. A time when men worship Nature rather than nature’s God. A time when the lives of men, women, and children, are of far less value than a gallon of gasoline.

Thomas Paine said: “These are the times which try men’s souls….”! How right he was! How right he IS!


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