Monday, July 30, 2007

Conservatives and the War

Conservatives and the War
Have you heard the talking heads on TV declaring how all the polls show that Conservatives are also upset with the President over the war in Iraq? If you listen to the news on Radio or TV you can’t have missed it.

Now, for those of you un-initiated into the way the media works, especially the Mainstream Media, let me see if I can decipher that statement for you.

OK… first of all Conservatives, at least most of us, are upset with the President over the war in Iraq. But not for the same reason as the democrats or liberals. Nosiree! We’re upset with the President over the way the war is, and has been, prosecuted from day one.

Look, if there is any known factor in winning a war it is the use of overwhelming force from the outset. If you want to win a war, you never play fair! Playing fair will get you exactly what we have in Iraq today. Overwhelming force will gain you the victory.

Right away, when I am asked to define “victory”, I understand that the US is in deep trouble in any war we undertake, now, and in the future. When one considers the way out military is being used, and misused, by the politicians in Washington, DC, and that includes the politicians, in uniform, over at the Pentagon, it is abundantly clear that the US military will never be allowed to gain all out victory, ever again.

What we have instead is a future of military conflicts, which cost the precious lives of US service men and women all to further some political party’s agenda.

Now, I ask you… how is that supposed to inspire young American men and women to enlist in the military services of the US? It won’t. And, frankly, I don’t blame them. Nobody wants to knowingly be a part of a losing team.

The constitution is clear on who the Commander-in-chief of the US Military is. And believe me, it is not the Congress. The Congress can declare war, when they can screw up the courage. And they can fund, and defund, the war effort... but they do not have the constitutional authority to command the military to do one thing. NOTHING!

It is also abundantly clear that the crowd of Old Hippies and Flower Children populating our Congress today could not fight their way out of a wet paper bag! They’re a pathetic lot, “made free and kept free by better men and women than themselves”. Their conduct toward the “War Effort” and our Military has been, and continues to be, shameful. Their conduct is inexcusable. It will not be forgotten. I assure you of that.

Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts will remember the enemy to their rear, they had to fight, as well as the enemy to their front they were forced to fight with one hand tied behind them. Many years of bitter contempt are in the future for the US government all because of their cowardly behavior toward the enemy and the US Military. And this Congress has earned every bit of the contempt the US Veterans can heap upon them. We have a Senate and a House of Representatives, which are embarrassments to the people of America. If you doubt that… look at the polls. Only 14% of Americans approve of the way Congress is doing business. That's 14%!!! Is that pathetic, or what?


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