Thursday, July 26, 2007

Democrats, Ineffective in the House and Senate, will be Ineffective in the White House, too!

Democrats, Ineffective in the House and Senate, will be Ineffective in the White House, too!
If there is anything more disgusting that a whinny democrat… it is a whinny republican. However, at the moment the whining is all coming from the democrat side of the aisle. I mean, you’d think they lost the election in 2006, wouldn’t you?

Now, I’m going to let you in on a secret the “Right” knows… and we can’t believe the Left can’t see it! It is the key to the Left’s problems in the US House and the US Senate. I don’t mind giving away this secret, which is open, anyway, because I know the left won’t pay attention to me. So here goes:

The problem, which has the democrats tied up in knots both in the US House and the US Senate, is their LEADERSHIP… in BOTH houses of the Congress! It is woefully inadequate.

The politically correct Speaker of the House, Nanny Pelosi, is not strong enough, as a leader, to intimidate the democrats and certainly not the republicans. They simply are not afraid of her. Think what you will, but fear is a great motivator. Without it… it is impossible to get a room full of nearly 400 Alpha males to do what you want them to do. Of course, there are always the sniveling suck-ups who will do anything the Speaker asks, but for the most part, the men and women in the US House are Type “A” personalities and they have to be herded by a strong hand. Pelosi doesn’t have the strong hand needed. So they are bogged down in the House.

In the Senate, there is much the same problem.

Look, one of the first things a young broadcaster USED to learn was how to speak from the diaphragm. It gives one a deep, resonant, voice and an authoritative voice, and, as I was instructed so many times in school, it matters not what you say… so much as it matters HOW you say it. My instructors taught me to always SOUND as if I knew what I was talking about… whether I did or not! It inspired confidence in listeners. The instructors were right.

You’re probably already two or three steps ahead of me here; so, you know where I’m going with this in the Senate.

If you have not already done so, tune in C-Span 2, on TV, and watch the Majority Leader, Harry Reid, speak to the Senate. Is that pitiful… or what? That tiny little voice may inspire left wing liberals… but it sure as hell, doesn’t inspire anything, including fear, in right wing conservatives… of which there are woefully few in the Senate these days.

One other thing, a high-pitched voice in a male can be counter balanced… by strong character. An example? General George Patton. The man could inspire fear in… and motivate… Satan himself!

Now… I have one question for all you readers. If the pathetic leadership in the US House and Senate has led to a bogged down Congress… how do you expect the same kind of leadership in the White House will affect the rest of the world? Much the same way, I predict.

Mrs. Bill Clinton is no Margaret Thatcher! “Maggie” Thatcher was the “Iron Lady”. Mrs. Clinton is the “Ice Queen”. And puleeeze… do not compare Mrs. Bill Clinton with Golda Meir (Mabovitz was her Russian/Ukrainian name, Myerson was her American “married” name. She married Morris Myerson in 1917 and migrated to Israel in 1921.) of Israel! Ms. Meir was born a Ukrainian. She migrated to the US in 1906 and lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin until she and her husband migrated to Israel. Meir was the original “Iron Lady”. But I hold to the title of the Ice Queen for Mrs. Clinton.

The thrust of this article is to point out the obvious… that if Americans place the democrats in charge of the office of the President, and the National Legislature, then their ineffectiveness… the ineffectiveness we see in the Congress everyday, will be spread to the globe. Domestic policy and foreign affairs will be in the same mess as the Congress finds itself in under their guidance today.

Not a pretty picture is it? No, it is not.

Remember how ineffective Jimmy Carter was on foreign policy as well as domestic policy? Get ready for an even worse set of circumstances.

As of this writing, there is only one candidate who has the “maleness” to lead America from the Oval Office. I refer, of course, to Fred Thompson. Fred knows how to put the “fear of God” in others with his commanding voice, and demeanor, and his “room-filling” presence. His aura of a “Southern Knight” has a wondrous effect on the ladies. His velvet persona cannot hide the glint of steel in his character, though. That is attractive to men seeking a leader.

Yes, it is a long way to Election Day… but the moment of decision is upon us, as voters, to choose the leader we want, in the upcoming fight for the Oval Office, and get behind that person to insure his nomination.

As of this writing, I am convinced that the choices we will have in November of ’08 will be Fred Thompson and Mrs. Bill Clinton. I cannot see it coming down any other way. All the other candidates are “also rans”.

If Conservatives wish to maintain control of the nomination process to the Supreme Court, we will remember this when we go vote in ‘08. If we lose the Presidency, all the work we have done on a conservative court will have been for naught. That alone is the most important reason for supporting and voting for a conservative candidate for President.


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Frank said...

2 words on why they can't get much done, "obstructionist morons". The Regressives won't let the Progressives make progress and move this country forward both at home and in Iraq. Also their own inability to tell Bush to "Screw off" when it came to the Iraq appropriations bill. They passed one and never should have let a second one come up to a vote. They do not have to negotiate with Bush, heck there is more of them and more Americans on their side if it came to an armed conflict....

Debbie said...

Excellent article. Neither the Democrats or Republicans have much to be proud of these days.