Monday, July 23, 2007

NC Jails Filled with Illegal Aliens and NC Law Officers Still Packing them IN!

North Carolina Jails Filled with Illegal Immigrants and NC Law Officers Still Packing Them In!
Here in North Carolina we KNOW we have a half million illegal Immigrants. How many more than that we don’t know about …yet. But Law Enforcement officials are hard at work rounding them up in this state. The thing the federal government says can’t be done… you know… round up all the illegal immigrants in the US… well, somebody forgot to tell the Tar Heels ’cause they are doing it!

In the hoppers of the NC Senate and the NC House of Representatives some twenty bills dealing with illegal immigration, and what to do about it in this state, await debate and passage into law. Some of the bills have to do with strict sanctions on companies which employ illegal aliens, and of course we Tar Hells are pushing an English Only state law, plus, making it illegal for illegal aliens to claim in-state tuition at our colleges and universities, and giving state, and county, law enforcement officers more leeway in enforcing laws pertaining to illegal aliens. And that just scratches the surface.

To say Tar Heels have had it with the Federal Government’s reluctance to do it’s constitutional duty and seal the border between Mexico, and the US and get a handle on the illegal immigration problem in the US, is to severely understate the frame of mind of the average North Carolinian toward illegal aliens.

Have any idea what the number one killer of Hispanic males is in North Carolina? Drunken Driving!!! Tar Heels are afraid to get in their cars to drive anywhere for fear of being run down and killed by a drunk Hispanic driver!

The "Carolina Journal" has an excellent article on the Illegal immigration problem in NC and what the state is doing about it. We recommend it to you. To read it, go here:

North Carolinians have begun what I warned the US Government about many months ago. Back then, I said that if the US Government did not do its job towards the illegal alien problem, the Southern States would. And that is what’s happening. The Southern States will be the battleground in the war on illegal immigration. We don’t trust the Federal Government and haven’t since roughly the 1840’s. And we still have the scars of the so-called reconstruction of the South by the Federal Government following the “War for Southern Independence”. We feel we have reason to distrust them. We also feel, as we did then, that this is our home… and we have a right to protect it from anyone and everyone.

Now, for those of you who for your own purposes simply drop the word “illegal” when referring to those aliens in our country illegally …get a grip! We are not against LEGAL IMMIGRATION!!! NO! We are against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

Nearly every Southern state has begun to fight back in the war on illegal immigration. We will build the pressure on the Federal Government until they have to do something. Either they will accept their responsibility and begin to enforce the Federal Immigration Laws already on the books, or they will come down hard on the Southern States… again. I expect the latter.

Everyone, including states, have a point at which they will say: “This far… and no farther!” The Southern States have reached that point with the Illegal Immigration problem.

If the Federal Government will not do it’s duty and stop the largest land invasion in the history of the planet, then the Southern States will have to do it for them.


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Anonymous said...

For some reason the latino, and I specificly mean illegal Mexican alien, has a problem dealing with the ready supply of alcohol. It may be their culture. State Troopers quickly found this out and began a crack down. Then the ugly word PROFILING came into play and they were forced to back down by a court ruling against a Trooper in Durham. "Tis" a pity.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

They have a problem dealing with the ready supply of alcohol. They have a hard time dealing with the ready supply of trash cans in which to put said alcoholic containers in. They have a hard time dealing with the ready supply of birth control, free education and the fact that ENGLISH, at least here in California is the official language.

Half a million you've got... try several million. California is Mexico North. It sucks.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, some one does something but the bottom line Congress does not want to do anything because it helps people on wall street with bigger profits. So once again the average citizen pays the price while Congress gets little to nothing done.


Frank said...

Congress gets little to nothing done.
Better throw White House into that mix as well!

Longstreet said...

I meant it to be included in the phrase: "The federal government".

So it is clear....anyone reading this take note: The White House is at the forefront of the problem with the illegal immigration in the US today. They have refused to do their sworn duty to secure the borders of this country against illegal immigration. They seem, rather, to be encouraging illegal immigration. Certainly their policies toward illegal immigration encourages those who are not here now to make every effort to get across that border, into America, as soon as they possible can!

yes, I meant the White House, too!

Best regards,


Donna said...

I would like to applaud the southern states, and hope that this is true, that they are fighting the illegal INVASION of immigrants. Our current FEDERAL law addresses immigration and is suffienctly adequate to it but it is not ENFORCED. I say take it away from the feds who are fat from corporate funding and take it to the STATES. We don't need it, we don't want it...and I personally object to illegal immigrants and the threat it imposes on the homegrown citizens of the US.....I know of at least one case of immigration gone awire in China Grove NC, where a young mother and her child were killed by an illegal with multiple arrest (that accured in midday)....please take care of regular citizens...that pay expensive taxes, insurance and other normal living expenses to be legal...surely we have more clout than illegal guest or conqistidor of our states....thank you