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Man made Global Warming is unmitigated BS! Bovine Scatology! (I won’t use the country version here, but the reader will certainly know what I mean!)

The purveyors of this crap are suckering an entire generation of young, and not so young, people around the globe. That’s bad enough, but what is worse… is… the human animal is so stupid as to buy into the hoax of Manmade Global Warming!

If you have bought into it… you should be ashamed. You have allowed yourself to be suckered, and led down the primrose path, by a movement bent on nothing less that domination of the earth through a one-world government of socialists.

Are you really so dumb as to believe the Global Warming movement is about Global Warming? Are you really so disconnected from reality that you have allowed yourself to believe the Global Warming movement was about saving the earth? Are you so dense that you have bought the lie that the Global Warming movement is about saving mankind? If you have, then you are an embarrassment to your species!

Followers of the Global Warming hoax remind me of those herds of lemmings racing toward the sea and blindly following the lemming in front of them off the cliff and into the sea to drown. Is there not a single independent mind among the lot? Are you not the least bit dissuaded when you are hit by facts every day that say Global Warming is wrong? I mean, consider the fires in California. We were breathlessly told the fires were the result of Global Warning. Yet a few days later, law enforcement caught suspected arsonist(s) and are searching for others. Then there are the super hurricanes that were supposed to lay waste to the southern and eastern coasts of the United States last year and this year. Where are they?

THINK PEOPLE!!! You are being USED!

If you believe anything coming out of the UN you need serious professional help as soon as possible. Now they are telling us the earth’s people are going to starve to death because we have more people than we can feed. Did your high school teacher and college professors neglect to tell you they were telling us the same thing 40 years ago? Did they tell you the earth’s population has grown since then and we are still here and we are still feeding the earth’s people? Did they?

The prognosticators of earth’s demise never seem to take into consideration that man is resourceful and will find ways, when threatened, to overcome that threat. That includes the threat of worldwide starvation. How else have we survived this long on this lonely little planet?

Fear is the great motivator. Dictators, and would be dictators, have known this fact for as long as there have been men who wish to rule over others. I am telling you that, today; those who would rule over the earth are using the threat of global warming and worldwide starvation to instill deep fear into the hearts and minds of the earth’s masses so as to gain control of the earth, and rule over the earth, as a one-world government!

Sounds crazy? Just remember where you heard it.

Ever hear of fear mongering? It’s not a phrase we use much any more… but it ought to be. Here’s the definition of fear mongering:

FEAR MONGERING: spreading discreditable, misrepresentative information designed to induce fear and apprehension.

Look, just because someone says something is true, doesn’t automatically make it true! I understand you younger folks were not trained, as was my generation, to question the so-called experts, when they handed down decisions from on high. But, you have got to reach way down inside yourself and find that spark of disbelief, that tiny little flicker of doubt, that all human beings have… and use it!

Manmade Global Warming is a scam, a hoax, which will cost you your freedom. Don’t be frightened! Be Angry!


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