Monday, October 08, 2007

Know Thy Enemy!

Know Thy Enemy!
So just exactly WHO are these Islamofacists terrorists who want you and me dead? The dregs of the earth? The poor downtrodden of the world? Uneducated, half starved, people with no hope?

Try… None Of The Above!

Prepare to be surprised!

Richard Miniter has written an article for the September 2007 edition of the American Legion Magazine, which is one of the most enlightening articles, concerning who we are fighting, I have ever read.

Here’s a snippet:

“These people are not poor, nor are they deprived of opportunities. “About three-fourths of global Salafi Mujahedin (the radical Islamic movement of which al-Qaeda is a part) was solidly upper or middle class,” he writes. The vast majority, 90 percent, came from caring, intact families. Sixty-three percent had attended college, as compared with the customary 5 percent to 6 percent for the rest of the Third World. In many ways, the majority of terrorists are the best and brightest of their societies.”

This is an important piece. We urge you to take the few minutes it will take to read Miniter’s article. You’ll find it at:

(Copy and paste into browser.)

One final snippet before we close this piece:

“Eighty-eight percent of terrorists in the Sageman study are related by blood, marriage or friendship to other terrorists. Sixty percent worship at one of 10 mosques worldwide or attended one of two now-closed schools in Indonesia. “You’re talking about a very select, small group of people,” Sageman concludes.”

If the US is to survive the Global War on Terror…. we must know who the people are who want you… and me… and our children… and our grandchildren… dead! This article is a beginning. You will quickly realize the guilt the American Left tries, desperately, day after day, to lay upon the shoulders of America for ignoring those poor, huddled masses of the downtrodden, from which, they tell us, the terrorists come, is all a lie!

Read this article and begin to know exactly whom America’s enemy really is!


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