Saturday, October 13, 2007

Clinton Impeachment # 2

(This article was written in October of 2005. Most of it sounds as if it were written today! We hope you enjoy this re-run of a Golden Oldie!...Longstreet)

Clinton Impeachment # 2


Are you ready for the Clinton Saga to continue? You’d better be.

There’s no doubt that if Hillary seeks the nomination of the Democrat Party for President … it is hers.

There is also growing evidence that the conservative movement in the Republican Party is readying itself to hold back at the polls in 06 and 08 to allow a Democrat take over of the Senate and a Democratic take over of the Presidency in 08. (Remember... this was written in October of 2005!.... Ed) It seems the only way we can get the attention of our GOP party leaders. So, we are prepared to take our party through a period of pain to cleanse it, we hope, of the Rinos and the Liberals Republicans in out midst.

In the meantime, back at the Whitehouse; be prepared for another history making Clinton Presidency. You know, I believe, without looking... mind you, these will be the only husband and wife presidents to be impeached in the history of the US! Oh, it’s coming. Bet on it.

As proud member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, I can assure you we have not quit. We’ve only been on a break designed to last eight years. That time is about up. I’m sure as soon as the official campaign season starts up, we’ll come out swinging.

Be prepared for scandal on top of scandal. Special Prosecutors, Senate hearings on the goings on in the Clinton Whitehouse, investigations into all the shady deals the Clintons will be said to be involved with. And the final triumph will be the impeachment. We are not going to miss a chance, like that, to make history

And maybe worst of all, Bill will be back. Yep, he’ll probably bring his harem with him. If not, they will secluded somewhere, safely, outside the walls of the Whitehouse… but within easy access. This time, we’ll be ready and we will point them out to you, one at a time, and watch the fur fly, once again.

Yes, this will truly be a historic Presidency!

It just goes to prove the old adage that anyone can grow up to be President. I thought that was just my grammar school teacher’s way of building self-esteem in me and my classmates…until… Bill Clinton became president. Then I KNEW it was TRUE! ANYBODY could be President of the US!

Well, it will be good to be an “attacker” again rather than a “defender”. It’s so much more fun to attack than defend. And those of us in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy are ready. Our knives are out and they are sharp. We have been waiting for this for eight years.

One thing is for certain, the Clintons can be counted on to hand us all the ammunition we need and all the rope we need to tie up their administration for the full 4 or 8 years they’re in office (the plural usage is intended).

In the meantime, maybe, just maybe, we will have the time to purge our Party of the hacks, the RINOS, and the Liberal Republicans and give it to the Conservatives who will know, instinctively, what to do and will get it done no matter the screams of protest from the Left and the vapid attacks by the Mainstream Media, which, as we all know, is at one with the Democrat Party.

So, this was just a little “heads-up” for the coming months and years ahead. We Conservatives have long memories and we will see that all the unkind actions done by our adversaries toward us are answered in kind, only ten-fold.

Hang on! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!


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Frank said...

Not if she learned how to Stone Wall and claim priviledges and false executive powers like the little dictator we have now..... I am mad that impeachment is off the table for the ******* we have now!