Friday, October 19, 2007

US Should Overthrow the Current Government of Iraq!

US Should Overthrow the Current Government of Iraq!


I have about concluded that if the US wishes to leave Iraq in any kind of shape to fend for themselves and not be instantly taken over, swallowed up, if you will, by Iran, then the US must overthrow the current Iraqi government and install a puppet regime of our own!

Yeah, I know we spout democracy and we even practice it, to a degree, in our own country, but the Iraqis are simply not capable of governing themselves. They’re like children, who defy their parents in order to gain attention. Frankly, I doubt that democracy will ever work in Iraq. Actually, I think it has a better chance of working in Iran… as soon as we overthrow the mullahs and that little jerk they use as their public spokesman.

The sooner we show Iraq’s current government the door, the sooner we get to install a strongman, financed by the US, and we will get that country pacified. Then, we can bring our military assets home. The up side for this method of government in Iraq is the fact that the Iraqis already understand that form of government. You know: the “do as I say do… or I’ll bust a few heads" type of government. That they understand. Doesn’t take long to get the gist of how that works.

Look, the current Iraqi government is scared witless of Iran and they are making friendly overtures to Iran through back channels and even some in public. If we do not toss them out on their ear, as soon as we leave Iraq, they will hand their country over to Iran on a silver platter.

I’m not an optimist and I am not a pessimist. I’m a realist. I don’t see the glass half full or half empty. I see a glass with a liquid substance in it… period. I look at Iraq the same way. It is trouble and it is going to be trouble until we clamp down… I mean… clamp down with a mailed fist. I have no problem with that. I have no interest in trying to make other nations, other peoples, love the US. I simply do not care what they think of us. Actually, I would rather they fear us than love us, anyway. I’m not into winning hearts and minds. My philosophy is: “get ‘em by the testacles and you can lead them anywhere you want them to go”! Very simple and VERY effective!

Come on folks, the only reason we are having trouble with the nation of Turkey right now is... they are assured we will not backhand them across the chops and tell them to sit down and shut up. IF we did that, they WOULD sit down, and shut up, and the crisis on the northern border of Iraq would be over instantly.

In NC the state slogan, or motto, is: “To be … rather than to seem”. Seems to me the US has an image problem. Seems to me we are being perceived as “seeming” rather than “being”! That’s the sort of problem which brings wars to our doorsteps and terrorists blowing up tall buildings and killing American citizens on our own shores.

Something to think about… for all of us!


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Frank said...

Shoulda just left Sadam run it... He had no WMD, He was not a threat to us, shoot he would even break with OPEC and pump extra oil for us to keep prices lower, and he eliminated the troule makers in his country, was it a democracy? No, but he wasn't here. who is going to kick our clowns out when they refuse to leave in '08? That is the bigger question.

Longstreet said...

Here's the thing: Nobody in DC is going to say this, or admit this, so I will: The reason Saddam is gone today... is... that he stepped outside the lines! He was given parameters within which he would be safe and he could operate and all would have been well... (He was oiut foil for Iran.) so far as the US was concerned. but he chose to puff himself up and take oil that didn't belong to him (Kuwait), and he made it clear he was going after the Saudi oil fields. That was outside the agreement. So, he was slapped down and his life was required of him for breaking the rules. It's just that plain and just that simple.

As I said, nobody in DC is EVER gonna admit this... but dig deep enough, and you will find the truth in it.

Best regards!