Monday, October 22, 2007

Urge your Senators to Oppose the Law of the Sea Treaty!

Urge your Senators to Oppose the Law of the Sea Treaty!

I came across something alarming a few days ago and I wanted to pass it along to you. Actually, a friend of mine, in Ohio, alerted me to this and as soon as I read it I fired off e-mails to both my US Senators asking them to oppose it. I am referring to the Law of the Sea Treaty better known, at least among those who actually KNOW about it, as “LOST”!

Here is a snippet for the article I read:

“The United States is inching closer toward ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). President Bush endorsed this treaty in May and has since urged the Senate to vote on ratification. Initial reports indicated that the Senate may have attempted to ratify LOST before adjourning for the August recess. Recent reports indicate that a vote to ratify the treaty could take place within the coming weeks. Former President Ronald Reagan originally rejected the ratification of LOST in 1982, but recent appeals from the Bush administration, some members of Congress, and the
Council on Foreign Relations, have caused the treaty to resurface.”

At first I thought it was frightening enough that the Senate had possible attempted to slip this horrible treaty through undetected but as I read more about it, I truly became alarmed.

Here is another snippet:

“The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) entered into force in 1994 and has been ratified by 153 countries (
click here for a list of recent LOST developments). The treaty gives the UN complete jurisdiction over the oceans and everything in them, including the ocean floor with all its resources, along with the power to regulate 70 percent of the world's surface.

The International Seabed Authority could require the United States to share intelligence, technology and even military information. LOST could impose restrictions on intelligence-gathering by U.S. submarines, activities that are essential to national defense.”

Lou Dobbs had this to say about this Treaty:

“The Senate Foreign Relations Committee recently heard arguments on the 1982 Law of the Sea Treaty, which President Ronald Reagan rejected but President Bill Clinton submitted to the Senate in 1994. A vote is likely in the weeks ahead, and this Democratic-controlled Senate is the same institution whose leadership sought passage of the disastrous comprehensive immigration overhaul legislation.”

If we have captured your attention, even a little bit, we’d like to direct you to the website from which the snippets of info on this page originally came. You’ll find it here:

This is serious business. We have given away far too much of our freedom in this country in the last couple of decades, or so. We stand at the threshold of a "one-world government", which would immediately place the United States, and it’s constitution, at heel behind that single globe spanning government.

Do you want that?

I certainly don’t.

This treaty, which, when passed by the US Senate, will have the force of US Federal Law, and is one of the ways your freedom, and mine, will be handed over to some other governing authority other than the one you and I voted for.

We here at IoF urge you to write both your US Senators and IMPLORE them to oppose the passage of “LOST” (Law of the Sea Treaty)! We cannot allow this monster “freedom killer” to survive!


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Frank said...

I wrote my reps. amd senators, (here in Ohio).... Funny, Sharod Brown and Tim Ryam, both Dems. oppose this but Voinovich a Republican seems to be all for it...