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Blackwater: Damn Fine Soldiers!

Blackwater: Damn Fine Soldiers!
I’m getting more than a little tired of the moaning and groaning and demanding coming from the Iraqi government. Their latest demands about Blackwater just turn my stomach. If US troops were allowed the leeway, Blackwater has/had, the war would have been over long, long, ago.

The idiots pushing for Blackwater to be forced out of Iraq, are so dumb they cannot comprehend that pulling Blackwater out of Iraq will only extend the war a few more years in Iraq! These are the same people who are so completely unaware of how things work, that they actually believe the democrats will end the war in Iraq and bring the troops home! They BELIEVE THAT! All the rest of us know it’s a lie! The dems will not take the troops out of Iraq because… they can’t… anymore than the current administration can. That’s the reality on the ground.

War is a brutal, uncivilized, thing. You do what you must to kill as many of the enemy soldiers, and yes, even civilians when necessary, as you possibly can and you do it in the most efficient manner you can devise. Ugly, but the truth.

Our Leftie Media Corp who have never in their lives smell cordite, or the rank odor of burned gunpowder, or smelled the coppery smell of human blood, or the stomach turning stench of the spilled contents of human bowels, and urine, mixed with all the above, have no idea what they are talking about when they criticize America’s warriors. The men and women of our armed forces have been trained to kill, and maim, and destroy. And they do it in a workman like fashion. US troops are the best in the world at warfare. Problem is… there are not enough of them!

Enter Blackwater and the other merc companies. (I have no problem calling Mercenaries Mercenaries. “Private contractors” is the PC term. I don’t like it!) These highly trained men are, for the most part, former elite soldiers skilled way above the standard issue GI. These men are from the ranks of the best elite soldiers in the world. If you don’t want to get hurt… don’t mess with Blackwater troops. I have no doubt these men are doing jobs all over the world that if done by US troops, and found out, would bring a great deal of embarrassment to the US government. Black Ops? My guess is… certainly. I would not be surprised if Blackwater troops finally bring in Osama’s dead body.

A neighbor of mine, some three doors over, does some “private contracting”, over there, every once in a while. He’s good. “When the defecation hits the rotary oscillator”, I definitely want him on my side! Another soldier, I know here, disappears for weeks and months at a time. When his beeper goes off, even in church, he rises quietly, kisses his wife, and walks out not to be seen, or heard of, for long stretches of time. These are the soldiers who ply their trade in the shadows. You most likely will never hear of their victories. And if they die… the cause of death is reported as a “training accident”.

Living not far from Fort Bragg, the home of the John Kennedy Special Warfare School (Center), many Special Forces soldiers live in the area. They’re not as easily spotted today as in years past. They no longer sport the high-tight haircuts once favored by them and the Marines. Nowadays, their hair grows long and they allow their beards to go unshaven for days at a time. It helps disguise them as soldiers and helps them blend in when they are in the field on assignment.

Yes, I have high regard for these Special Soldiers. The sacrifices they make for the US will forever go unheralded. Be thankful for them and be thankful you do not share the nightmares they endure night after night, for the remainder of their lives, as a result of protecting Americans who, as a result of their efforts, “sleep peacefully in their beds at night”

It is from the ranks of the “retired” Special Forces that many of the Backwater personnel come. When you know these men, it becomes even more difficult to buy the BS coming out of Iraq about their behavior. What I see, when I read those reports, is the action of soldiers carrying out a mission to their max. Their mission was not… NOT to shoot Iraqis, their mission was to safeguard State Department employees and other dignitaries placed in their care. They did that job to the best of their abilities. Now they are criticized for it.

Understand… war is murder! Legalized murder and often…legalized mass murder! The US killed 70,000 Japanese civilians in a blinding flash in August of 1945 when we hit Hiroshima with the Atom Bomb. Thousands upon thousands more died in the weeks and months afterwards from radiation poisoning, burns, etc. Prior to that we killed 120,000 Japanese civilians in firebomb raids over Tokyo. Plus, the thousands of civilians we killed in Dresden, Germany and other German cities.

Take your blinders off! The United States Military DOES, indeed, kill civilians! It is WAR! General U.S. Grant, of the Union Army (US ARMY), devised the first plans for TOTAL WAR when he went to war against the people of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Thousands of southern civilians died as a result of his siege of that great Southern City. Then he sent Gen. Bill Sherman through the South waging war on the civilian population of the southern states as he burned his way to the sea…. right through my hometown, hanging one of my ancestors on his way through. Total war is repugnant. It is horrible! And… it brings victory in the end!

Until we are ready to allow our solders, contract and otherwise, to fight to win, the war in the Middle East will drag on for decades more.

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