Thursday, October 04, 2007

"Thought Control" Legislation!

“Thought Control” By the State is Alive and Well in Washington, DC!


“Sens. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and Gordon Smith, R-Ore., have trashed the collective reputations of millions of U.S. military service members in order to advance their "hate crimes" legislation, which would make it a crime to utter a negative opinion about homosexuals or their lifestyle, a pro-family group says.
The U.S. Senate yesterday approved an amendment by Kennedy and Smith to install in federal law a ban on such expressions of religious and personal opinion. The amendment was added to the Department of Defense Authorization bill, which is needed to keep funding worldwide U.S. military operations.” (From Read the entire article at:

This is Political Correctness gone wild… and finally gone mad!

The thought police are definitely here in America. This, dear reader, is more evidence of “Socialism on the March” in America. This kind of legislation is right out of the Stalinist handbook! And look who is supporting such legislation. Look at the numbers voting for it.

The President will veto this bill, of course, but what if the President was of the same mind as those pushing this “Thought Control” legislation? That is a terrifying thought! And that is exactly what we have to decide in November of next year.

If you are a mental adult, you know voting against these people in ’08 is mandatory… just to protect your freedom.

We told the readers of this site that at some point after the Democrats won control of the House and Senate they would not be able to contain themselves and they would drop the façade of “reasonableness” and allow you to see who they really are. Now you can see for yourself. They’re socialists… just as we have been saying all along. But, what about the Republicans who have joined them and even co-sponsored this abomination of a bill? Why, they’re just as bad!

The Scriptures say: “You will know a tree by the fruit it bears!”

How long before Americans understand that the two major political parties in the US have sold us out? Will we come to our senses before our country is decimated? Sadly, there is reason to doubt that we will.

Bit by bit, tiny piece by tiny piece, our freedom is being eroded away by our own ignorance and apathy.

I am one unhappy conservative Republican and I’m still looking for a political home… a political party for conservatives only. The current Republican Party only tolerates us for our votes and our money. They really do not appreciate it when we bring pressure to bear when they take off on some left-wing tangent as they did with the Amnesty Bill and as they are about to do with this piece of warped unconstitutional garbage.

Conservatives have to do one of two things: we either have to assert ourselves and gain control of the GOP… or… we have to pull out and form another political party which will be in direct conflict with the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. If we do not do one of these things the conservative movement in America is, for all intents and purposes… dead. The two ruling parties will have bottled us up and, in effect, made us impotent. Once that is accomplished the constitution will be shredded and the few freedoms we enjoy today will also be gone.

That’s why conservatives become so irate over moves such as this by Kennedy and Smith to camouflage another attempt to reduce the freedom of Americans. If WE don’t… who will????


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Frank said...

Bit by bit, tiny piece by tiny piece, our freedom is being eroded away by our own ignorance and apathy.

But yet you support warrantless searches, in the name of safety... I just don't get it, Bush has done alot more to turn us into a police state, but I guess you are ok with a right wing facist police state...... I oppose all encroachment onto our freedoms, Bush is a bigger enemy to freedom than anyone ever in history. With databases on everything from credit card purchases to what books you check out of the library and yet you say nothing. If I want to build a nuke it is my business, when I use it then it may or may not be the governments....