Thursday, April 10, 2008

Buying Off America's Enemies!

The Next Democrat President Plans to Buy Off America’s Enemies!!!


It’s the “feeding the Alligator” thing again. You know… Churchill’s observation that appeasement was nothing short of feeding the alligator in hopes that he will eat you last. Well, that is exactly what the next democrat presidential administration plans to do. They plan to double US foreign aid dollars paid directly to America’s enemies and would-be enemies… to buy them off.

Which democrat administration is this of which I am speaking? BOTH! Both sides, Obama and Clinton, have already set up “shadow state departments” and those shadow departments are stocked with diplomats straight out of the Jimmy Carter administration! If that doesn’t give you nightmares… nothing will.

I’m going to refer you to the latest edition of TIME magazine (April 14th, 2008), page 36. Read it. Digest it. Now you know where the country is headed for the next four to eight years. The national treasury is going to be paying blackmail to our enemies so they leave us alone. Boy, I must tell you... that really smacks of courage doesn’t it? Yeah, and honor, too! Right? What courage? What honor? I’ll tell you what it smacks of… cowardice! There is no honor in buying off your enemies! That’s certainly not courage. What it is … is fear, plain and simple.

What the Democrat Party is offering us is a couple of neophytes who haven’t a clue as to how the real world works! They honestly believe that “talking” and “buying off” America’s enemies will accomplish something. If it accomplishes anything… it simple delays the inevitable… until a conservative administration is elected and that conservative administration has to clean up after the liberals for four to eight years. And that includes going to war to right situations that should have been righted when the liberals were in office. The case in point is Iraq, Afghanistan, and, yes, even Iran.

I shudder to think what this country is going to suffer in the next 16 years. (Two democrat terms followed by the inevitable two republican, or conservative, terms.)

Already, it is beginning to dawn on some of Obama’s people that his promise to withdraw US troops from Iraq is not going to happen. There maybe a slight drawdown, but US troops are in Iraq to stay.

No matter which democrat winds up in the Oval Office, Foreign Aid, otherwise known as US taxpayer’s money, will be sent, in bundles, to places like Africa where the US has absolutely no national interest, at all. Then… more money to the Palestinians, our sworn enemies… and offers to, well, work out something with Iran over their nuclear power program for electricity in their country. (You know, sort of like we did with North Korea!) That is the sort of diplomacy we can expect. And it goes down hill from there. Basically, what they will be doing is holding the world at bay until they can vacate the offices and turn the whole rotten thing over to the Republicans to straighten out… just as the Clinton Administration did. Then the dems will stand on the sidelines and complain and moan that they could have done it better.

And that is just the point! They COULDN’T have done it better because they did the BEST THEY COULD… and it was sub-standard at best!

You know, I don’t believe Americans have a clue as to the danger this country is in today. I don’t believe Americans have any notion of the ineptitude of the candidates for the office of President… from either the democrats or the republicans. In truth, none of the candidates should be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office.

I can’t vote for any of them. In the NC primary I plan to vote for “none of the above”. In the general election, in November, I will either skip over the presidential portion of the ballot, or write in the name of Ronald Reagan. I figure he’d make a better president dead, than any of the three “live” ones we have running today!


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