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Obama and Homosexuals in the US Military

Obama and Homosexuals in the US Military

American youth, are you ready for the return of the military draft in America? Tough… because that’s where we are headed with Obama as President… and a democrat Congress.

Check this out: “"We're spending large sums of money to kick highly qualified gays or lesbians out of our military, some of whom possess specialties like Arab-language capabilities that we desperately need. That doesn't make us more safe." (Obama to a reporter)

Asked what he could reasonably accomplish for the gay community as president, Obama said he can "reasonably see" repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy as well as signing legislation to ban workplace discrimination against gays.
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So how do I get the return of the draft from these remarks by Obama? Easy. We have a volunteer military. All they have to do to ensure the return of the draft is stop volunteering. If you don’t think “straight” American men will refuse to serve with homosexuals in the US military you are seriously deluding yourself.

Yes, I know some serve with homosexuals even now. That is certainly because the homosexuals keep their sexual orientation to themselves, as best they can. But it is extremely difficult to do in a closed society of young men with raging hormones and adrenalin and testosterone pumping and flowing.

Once homosexuals are serving openly in the military, “straight” soldiers, Marines, airmen, and sailors, will simply not “re-up” and enlistment, as a result of recruiting, will drop like a stone and dwindle away to nothing. The military will be seriously crippled. When that happens, the country will be left with one option only, conscription, otherwise known as “The Draft”.

Actually there is one other option, but I don’t see the American people anywhere near ready for it. I’m referring to mandatory military service for all young men and young women in America. No options. No serving in the Peace Corp as an option. I mean serving a minimum of two years active duty with the US military. No college deferments. You graduate High School and you go straight into the military for two years, minimum. After that… you can begin your private life.

Actions have consequences… some are unintended. The government has been warned time and time again, by our military leaders, that should the Congress pass laws allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the US Armed Forces, it will destroy the Esprit de Corp and the size of the standing military will immediately dwindle, and the quality of the service offered by the personnel will drop precipitously. In other words it will destroy the finest military on the planet! That’s the bottom line.

John Luddy is a former Policy Analyst at The Heritage Foundation. He wrote an article back in 1993 entitled: “The Military Gay Ban: Why Don't Ask, Don't Tell Don't Work” You’ll find it at:

Mr. Luddy says there are three detrimental effects of homosexuals in the armed services that form the basis for the ban. They are:

1) Unit cohesion is weakened.
2) Professionalism is undermined.
3) The risk of AIDS in the services is increased.

He goes on to explain each effect. He concludes: “Congress should resolve this issue by passing a law affirming that homosexuality is incompatible with military service, and giving military commanders authority to screen and discharge homosexuals under any circumstances.”

Nevertheless, the political Left seems bound and determined to continue their social experiments on a captive group of social guinea pigs… the US Military. I can only wonder at their continued ignorance of all things military. It also reinforces my belief that mandatory military service for US youth is the way to go. I can’t help but believe that once some of those young “lefties” begin to experience the military life, as it actually is, they will change their tune and begin to rethink their insistence on experimenting with a society, the military, which is so entirely different, from civilian society. Education and experience has a way of doing that.

And this is just one more reason not to vote for Mr. Obama.


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Anonymous said...

And this is just one more reason not to vote for Mr. Obama.

Sounds like you are endorsing Insane McCain.....

I actually favor bringing back the draft, both men and women and no defurments for anyone.... Consientious objectors could actually serve more of a support role in a non-combative position, or better yet everyone (including myself, my sons) under the age of 45 should have to do something physically to serve their country, those over age 45 should have to tithe 10% of their gross income on War Bonds to help the war effort in Iraq so it is not such a burden for the forseeable future. If these plans were implemented I could then possibly support the war effort, running to Walmart and spending like there's no tommorrow, and slapping a meaningless magnet or sticker on your car while young men and women are in harms way is not supporting the troops, doing everything you can to bring them home sooner (I.E. getting the job done) is.

Longstreet said...

"Sounds like you are endorsing Insane McCain....."
God, I HOPE NOT! For I certainly did not intend to convey that message! I have never, do not now, nor to I expect to ever, support McCain in the future. I hope that is definite enough.

Look, I think we both have three "losers" on our hands. I mean, if these three are the best this nation can offer, we are in worst condition than even I had thought.

Best regards, sir!


Anonymous said...

Hey my first Choice was Kuccinich, 2nd was a toss up Ron Paul or John Edwards..... If Ron would have had a chance I would have voted for him in the Ohio Primary. There is alot I agree with him on, more so than disagree with. Healthcare was the biggest policy I differed with him on. Getting rid of the Federal Reserve and letting Congress control the money (as in the constitution) was a big favorite of mine.... Guess after all I'm not too liberal, or somethings are common between the two? who knows.