Monday, October 31, 2011

Another Lost Generation of Americans

Another Lost Generation of Americans 

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Actually, they’re not lost geographically.  We see them every day on the cable news channels and the evening news of the broadcast networks.  This decade they call themselves the “Occupy Wall Street” Group.  I believe they are lost, unrecoverable, as productive, patriotic, Americans.  I’m no shrink, but I believe they will carry a degree of bitterness, for the reminder of their lives, as a result of America’s rejection of their attempt to force a socialist form of government on a nation of people who love freedom. The risk was theirs to take.  History will record their failure -- a failure they will never be able to put behind them. They will drag it like an anchor throughout their lifetime. They have made their choice and they now must live with the consequences.

These people have been around since Vladimir Lenin.  They are espousing the socialist/communist line and they are SOOOOO DUMB they don’t have a clue they are being used by the shadowy figures organizing and financing their infantile protestations.

Those dirty, smelly, boorish, idiots are disposable tools of the leftist power brokers, themselves the mortal enemies of capitalists and democracy.

They are supported by the Communist Party, the Socialist Party, the Nazi Party, the Democratic Party …… .  We should add the labor unions to this OUTSTANDING gaggle of anti-capitalist left-wingers.

They don’t know WHAT the want – but they want it NOW.  It is the primal cry of an infant seeking attention. 

If you are expecting anything good to come of the rent-a-riot crowd in our streets these days, you should reconsider.  This whole “OWS” movement is going to end in disaster.  This ain’t my first rodeo.  I have seen this before. It always ends in tragedy.

As the shrillness of the demonstrators mounts, the public’s tolerance level will fall.  At some point in the future, a tipping point will be reached and blood will be spilt and lives lost.  It is the nature of clashes between groups of human beings.  We call them wars, civil wars, insurrections, riots,
Demonstrations, and at their inception – “protests.”

Power brokers the world over always use the youth to fight their wars and secure their goals.  They use youth’s own overestimation of themselves and their intellect.  For the most part they are that point in life at which they are dumb as posts.  Their minds are mushy and pliable and easily melded into a gestalt or group mentality in which even a coward feels powerful.   They think and act as a single animal with multiple voices expressing thoughts not their own.  They are pitiful creatures. But then, so is a mad dog.

They are the flotsam of our society. They take pride in soiling themselves, our cities, and our society with their witless demands that Americans hand over their freedom and their wealth to an omnipotent government THEY believe will redistribute the collective wealth of America “fairly.”

Grown-ups understand that life is not “fair.”
Economic fairness equals socialism.  Under socialism, the government owns all the wealth of the nation.  The government then doles it out, as IT sees fit, in order that ALL its citizens suffer equally.  Winston Churchill understood that and said so many times.

The protesters we see in America’s streets today are a product of America’s failed educational system, including America’s institutions of “higher” learning.  They have no clear understanding of who they are as Americans.  They are no longer tethered to America’s history and heritage.   Like our current one-term President, Obama, they feel they are citizens of the world rather than citizens of America.  They lack the basic knowledge of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into founding and building this nation while, at the same time, winning its freedom from a despotic king -- and maintaining its freedom through the sacrifice of the lives of their forefathers. 

They are not “Americans’ in the truest sense of the word.  They are “Globalists.”  The blame for this lack of patriotism toward a country that nurtured them is, in my opinion, the fault of America’s failed educational system. 

As I said above – they are flotsam.  They have no attachments, no allegiance, to anything, or anyone, but themselves.  They give new depth to the meaning of “psychopath.”  They have no empathy or remorse for their behavior.

Freedom of speech is one thing.  But attempting to FORCE your will on a society that chose, long ago, to forsake a socialist form of government based on the historical record of socialism’s failure as a workable way to govern and for the pain and anguish it brings to those forced to live by it’s tenants.

America has been deeply wounded by the 1960’s forerunners of the OWS movement.  They have infiltrated our educational system, our clergy, and our government.  Today we are paying the toll for their infectious influence on all three institutions.

Be warned, America.  A second wave of leftist destruction is about to strike our foundational institutions.  It is already too late to turn the tide.  Now we can only face it and stand strong, refusing to give even one inch to the terminal disease that rots the soul of a nation and insures its demise.  Look upon the face of socialism.  Look upon the faces of those who would force YOU to bend to their will and betray your heritage as Americans… your precious freedom. 

J. D. Longstreet      

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