Monday, October 10, 2011

A Taste of American Socialism

A Taste of American Socialism

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Now that America has had a taste of socialism – American style—How do you like it?
Mr. Obama and his henchman have done a wonderful job, in just two and a half years, to “fundamentally change” America – JUST AS HE PROMISED.

America is now very close to, and is certainly becoming,  a third-world nation.
Our economy is gone.  Our money is virtually worthless.  Thousands upon thousands more Americans are on the government dole.  Unemployed Americans make-up some 9 to 10 percent of our workforce.  Our government is crumbling under its own weight.  Protesters are in the streets taking advantage of a weakened America to demand such things as a guaranteed government stipend for every American… WITHOUT HAVING TO WORK, AT ALL.  I’m just hitting the high spots here.  The socialist rot goes much, much, deeper.

Those of us alive today are witnessing just how quickly socialism can terminate a country as healthy as the USA.  It is a vicious, viral, form of national cancer. And it has America practically on her knees.

A couple of years ago, I wrote the following: 

“You must forgive me if I get a bit wound-up when socialism is the topic.  I have watched that “destroyer of nations” reap its harvest for many, many, decades. It is, in my opinion, the greatest threat to democracy on the planet.  I see socialism as presenting an even greater threat than the Islamofacist terrorists!  I will never be comfortable with a socialist government in America.  We can argue “degrees” of socialism all day and it won’t matter.  As the expression goes: “a little leaven leavens the whole loaf.”

I think it is pure irony that now, as a “near” socialist nation, America can celebrate an event named “Independence Day” with a straight face! 

 Today, Americans are anything but independent!  We are fat, lazy, and dependent on our new “near” socialist government for far too much.  There is very little “independent” about Americans today.  In just a few months of the Obama regime we have gone from “King of the Hill” to just another member of the “Mediocrity Mob” of nations.

 I know this is difficult to swallow.  You can’t know how much pain it caused me to write these words.  I have stood on the ground where the Wright brothers took their first flight launching America into the space age.  They had no idea that their short flight would end up taking man to the stars, but of course, it did.   I have trod the ground from which our astronauts blasted off to land and walk upon the surface of the moon.  I have witnessed America claw her way to the top through sheer willpower and determination to be the best.  And now, as I approach the autumn of my life, I am watching the decline and fall of that same America.  Do you really think I don’t feel a tremendous amount of pain? I think I must now know what the ancient Romans felt as they watched the greatest civilization in history, to that day, decline, crumble, and fall in ruins around them.

 “Oh,” but you say, “… Socialism is the only way to go.  Everyone will be equal!  No classes, no class warfare…” and such.

 Well, let us see if we can break it down so that even those of you in love with the “cancer of nations,” socialism, can understand it.

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Anonymous said...

America is now very close to, and is certainly becoming, a third-world nation.

One more term for Obama and we are THERE... But, he would feel right at home if ya think about it, he was BORN in a 3rd world nation, he's just trying to make America more *homey*...

Pun intended...