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Abbas Speak With Forked Tongue???

Abbas Speak With Forked Tongue???


What? Did you expect something different???

Just last week, here on IOF, we told you the Annapolis Peace Conference was a bust! It was, for a fact, and I don’t know about you, but I never expected anything to come of it. It was, as we speculated last week, all for “a show”

There’s a story over on entitled: Report: Abbas reiterates refusal to recognize Israel as 'Jewish state'. It’s an AP story and in the article are the words: “Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas reiterated his refusal on Saturday to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, Israel Radio reported. "Historically, there are two states - Israel and Palestinian. Israel has Jews and other people, and this we are ready to recognize, but nothing else," the radio quoted Abbas as saying shortly after he landed in Saudi Arabia after brief stops in Egypt and Jordan. We urge you to read the entire article, which you will find at:

Plus, the “Right of Return” issue has raised its ugly head already. So what is “Right of Return”? Well, let’s look at it and look, also, at what the results would be and how it would affect the state of Israel.

Right of Return, supposedly, reflects a belief that Palestinian refugees and their descendants have a right to return to the homes their families had possessed and left prior to, or during, the1948 Arab-Israeli War.

So… why does Israel flat-out dispute the Palestinian Right of Return? Simple. If all the Palestinian refugees and their descendants (estimates range between 5 and 8 million people) were to return to what they claim as their original home within Israel this would lead to a demographic shift which would end Israel's status as a Jewish state. Israel's current population is composed of about 5.8 million Jews and 1.3 million Muslim and Christian Palestinian Arabs. This is why Israel continues to refuse to recognise the Palestinian demand for a "right of return."

The simple truth is that Israel fears, and rightly so, (we believe) the Palestinians would use the Right of Return as a weapon to decimate the Jewish population and wipe the Jewish state of Israel from the map. There is no way Israel will agree to that. (We hope!!!)

The problem, as we see it, is that Israel is in dire need of “leadership with backbone” at the moment. It is our view that Israel should never have agreed to the conference in Annapolis to begin with. In doing so, they have allowed the camel’s nose under the tent. (Forgive the Arab proverb!)

It will come as no surprize to regulars to this site that we favor Binyamin Netanyahu’s approach to dealing with the Palestinians. At “Tongues of Fire” at:

Netanyahu is quoted from an article (in the June 4th 2007 edition of the Jerusalem Post) as saying: “Israel must take the issue of the Palestinian “right of return” off its political agenda, Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu said on Monday.

Speaking at a ceremony at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Netanyahu said that removing this issue was a precondition for negotiations with the Palestinians.
“At the moment, we have no partner, and those who stand against us declare incessantly that they intend to destroy us,” Army Radio quoted him saying.

In a JPost piece on November 29, 2007, Netanyahu said: "Arabs do not respect a weak prime minister," opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu said Thursday following the Annapolis summit, which he described as "a failure." Tell me one thing we gained at Annapolis?" Netanyahu continued. "We allowed the Palestinians to avoid fighting terror, a condition set in the Road Map. Abbas now doesn't need to do anything. This is the opposite of what is required for peace and security." The opposition leader(Netanyahu) warned that due to now-inflated Palestinian optimism created at Annapolis there was a risk of a third intifada breaking out when the Palestinians don't receive what they were now expecting. (JPost 11-29-07)

We recommend you read the entire article at:

We also recommend an article by our friend Alan Caruba entitled: “The Corpse of Annapolis and the Endless War”. You’ll find it at:

As usual, Alan hits the nail squarely on the head.

Conclusion: Israel loses… again and “The Endless War”, as Caruba refers to it, continues.

Viewing the relationship between the US and Israel from the Israeli perspective, they must be asking themselves: With friends like the US, who needs enemies?


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