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Evangelicals Pick Wrong Candidate in Huckabee.

Evangelicals Pick Wrong Candidate in Huckabee.

In the past few days Republican conservative evangelicals have been flocking to a man of the cloth, Mike Huckabee. But… is Huckabee the wise choice for evangelicals? We don’t think so. Check out this story:

LITTLE ROCK, ARK. -- In 2005, a Republican state senator named Jim Holt introduced a bill to deny public benefits to Arkansas' soaring population of illegal immigrants. Holt, a Southern Baptist minister, figured it was a rock-solid conservative idea -- a matter, he said, "of right and wrong."Arkansas' governor at the time was also a professed conservative, and also a Southern Baptist minister. But Mike Huckabee had only scorn for his fellow Republican's proposal.

Huckabee called the bill "race-baiting" and "demagoguery," and argued that the denial of health services could harm innocent children. The bill, Huckabee said, did not conform with his take on Christian values."I drink a different kind of Jesus juice," Huckabee said.

We urge you to read the entire article at World Net Daily at:


Look, I’m still not over George Bush’s “Compassionate Conservative” yet! The plain truth is Mr. Bush is not a conservative and never has been. Like his father before him he is, at best, a moderate.

Now comes another GOP candidate who is asking us to believe that he is a conservative, yet has a record of raising taxes on the people of Arkansas like a drunken democrat.

What is REALLY scary is that Huckabee is surging toward the top of the ticket in some states already.

And check this: … Huckabee talks about being "a good steward to the Earth" and argues that Christians have a duty to fight global warming. Read the rest of this story at:

We don’t need a preacher in the White House. We need a tough SOB to deal, unflinchingly, with the problems confronting the USA and doing what ever is necessary to secure this nation against all who would do us harm. That takes a man with steel in his spine and a man who doesn’t worry about his soul’s security while on the time clock for the nation.

We have had one Jimmy Carter. We KNOW what that got us. We have had a GOP Jimmy Carter, in George Bush, and we conservatives see what that has got us. Now it’s time to get away for the pulpit and get into the cockpit and fight with this nation’s enemies in any manner necessary to win. We can have a prayer meeting afterwards.

Jimmy Carter once stated that he believed in the basic “goodness” of mankind. I don’t. I believe in the basic “badness” of mankind. As a result I am hardly ever surprised at how low humanity can stoop. I am not blind-sided very often. Mr. Carter was a ready-made victim for the bullies of the world and they took advantage of his weakness and the nation suffered as a result. Unfortunately, although a Republican, I feel Mr. Huckabee is cut from the same cloth. We don’t need to go there again.


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Frank said...

Evangelicals should stay home and let people of reason decide elections. I want someone secular to save run country and preserve freedoms for all. Saving my soul is my own responsability, don't limit my choices based on your "faith". That is what our founding fathers meant in the First Ammendment anyway.