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Jerusalem Post Reports the IDF Will Show US THEIR Nuclear Data on Iran!

Jerusalem Post Reports the IDF Will Show US THEIR Nuclear Data on Iran!

We rarely ever try to report any news on this site… because we are an opinion site… not a news site. And we are not reporting anything here. However, we ARE pointing you to a story in one of the foremost news publications on the planet today, and in our opinion, one news source that can be trusted more than most, and that is… The Jerusalem Post.

Today the JPost is reporting that The Israeli Defense Forces are going to have a sit down with the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and lay their intelligence data on Iran’s Nuclear Program out for him.

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This is important news. It demonstrates, at least for us, the outrage the IDF must have over the NIE report earlier this week. (That report said Iran had stopped trying to make a nuclear bomb in 2003.) It is a simple, but important fact, that Israel has an intelligence community far better than ours, far better than most on the planet, actually. If Israel says the Iranians are still making a bomb, or trying to make a bomb, or thinking about making a bomb… BELIEVE THEM, not the US intelligence community. Why? Ever hear the expression: “Better safe than sorry”? THAT’S why.

Few mistakes are made in nuclear development. There are virtually no mistakes repeated, or, for which you get a second chance. The US has just made a BIG mistake! Hopefully Israel can pull our chestnuts out of the fire before we get irreversibly injured.

On the home front, we need to clean house at first: the State Department (Fire the whole lot of them.) … also, the CIA, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (including the Chairman) and then show the door to the Secretary of Defense. We’ve got a mess on our hands. The last few Presidential administrations have allowed these departments to become politicized. It has compromised their worth to the nation. Once politics became embedded in the State Department and the CIA, they became more interested in seeing the Bush administration fail than they did in their primary job requirement. As a result we have a mess in Iraq, a mess in Afghanistan, a brewing mess in Iran and God only knows what else. They are doing a disservice for the country while they serve their political parties. It must be ended and the only way to effectively end it is to clean the house… fire the whole lot of them. Contract our nations intelligence gathering out to the Israelis and to the UK until we can rebuild… from the ground up.

The same thing applies at the Pentagon. Clean it out. The President is the CiC and not the Congress… and certainly not any single political party.

In the Secretary of Defense's office, fire ‘em all! It is lousy with holdovers from previous administrations who seem more intent on sabotaging the current administration than in doing their job of protecting the nation as the name over the door implies.

This President is quite capable of making his own mistakes, thank you. I disagree with this President more than is comfortable for me. So, to come to his defense was a stretch for me, early on, but SOMEBODY has to call them as they are. Surely this ole country boy isn’t the only Blogger in the country who sees the problems we have with the various intelligence agency’s going political on us???

It is past time for President Bush to take a broom to those departments within our government that are working against the best interests of this country and clean them OUT!

If the President has any desire to reclaim the esteem in which he was once held by the conservatives in this country, he’ll take this advice and get cracking! In the meantime… don’t hold your breath!


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Fetiche said...

I don't think President Bush is particularly conservative. And lately he's been acting as if he's afraid to offend anybody. It's a sad way to end his eight years, after they began so hopefully.

Longstreet said...

I have never thought this President Bush was anything more than a Moderate.