Monday, December 17, 2007

Feel Guilty Yet?... UPDATE!!!!

(There is an update on this story posted at Texas Fred's site, of which, we want to make you aware. There have been some developments in this ongoing story. You can follow the excellent reporting at: )

Feel Guilty yet?

We are all used to getting a ton of “begging calls” and “begging letters” from various charities this time of year. Some will send you a calendar or some of those little sticky return address labels, in hope that enough guilt heaped upon your head will motivate you to send them money. I have a “guilt drawer” in an end table in my den where goes all this “stuff”

So call me a Scrooge, a Grinch, whatever, I don’t send ‘em any money. Why? Follow through. Do your own research and you will soon find out.

Now, let me be clear… if I were to participate in this transfer of wealth, I’d most likely donate to veteran’s groups. Most veterans seem to lean toward that persuasion as well. And there are a host of veteran’s charities out there.

Ever wonder how they did in distributing the funds they received from people with kinder hearts than me? Ever wondered how well they did at it?

Well the Washington Post has an article you may want o to see. It’s entitled: “How they fared”. You’ll find it at:

The article presents a list of veteran’s organizations and how they fared: they are graded with a letter grade. You might want to see if your favorite veteran’s charity is on the list and how they fared.

For more on this and the reaction of another veteran, we suggest you make you way over to Texas Fred’s Blog site at:

Fred is seething about this and it shows. We admire his zeal!


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TexasFred said...

So far, none of them have had the whereto to respond to my emails...

I have received several somewhat nasty emails telling me I didn't know what the hell I was talking about, so, I have been forced to point out the ignorance of the mailers, I didn't write the articles, I didn't do the survey, I only posted them for others to see...

Thanks for the link, It IS appreciated...