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Iran NOT Building the Bomb? HO! Ho! Ho!

Iran NOT Building the Bomb? HO! Ho! Ho!


Ok, let me see if I have this right…. Iran is NOT working on a nuclear bomb? Right?

And how do we know this?

We don’t. It is simply another guess.

So why all the blather in the MSM about Iran NOT building a bomb?

You have to ask? (sigh)

When I read this article, in my morning paper, I was having my breakfast and I laughed so hard I nearly chocked!

This is as near a “crock” as anything could possibly be! You know, the folks in Iran, Saudi Arabia, in so-called Palestine… well… just call it the Middle East… and thereabouts, must have serious issues leaning how to control their laughter at how easily the US media and the US Congress can be played for fools.

My generation grew up with the “commies” and their propaganda games and they were past masters at it. Back in those days the press rarely ever fell for it. Ditto the US politicians.

I can’t speak to how badly our journalism schools have failed their students but SOMETHING has made this latest crop of so-called journalists susceptible to propaganda from the Middle East that, upon close scrutiny, would appear to have been a slap dash “put together” job by a class of 4th graders. And yet… they buy it!

Our intelligence agencies can’t get human Intel (spies on the ground) in Iran for a number of reasons, one of which is that we don’t have the assets in the first place!

So… we have a report by something called the National Intelligence Estimate, which says that Iran stopped developing an atomic bomb back in 2003. Who told them that? And who the hell is the NIE anyway? Well, let’s see:

National Intelligence Estimates (NIEs), produced by the
National Intelligence Council, express the coordinated judgments of the US Intelligence Community made up of 16 intelligence agencies, and thus represent the most authoritative assessment of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) with respect to a particular national security issue. NIEs are considered to be "estimative" intelligence products, in that they present what intelligence analysts estimate (not predict) may be the course of future events. Coordination of NIEs involves not only trying to resolve any interagency differences, but also assigning confidence levels to the key judgments and rigorously evaluating the sourcing for them. Each NIE is reviewed and approved for dissemination by the National Intelligence Board (NIB), which comprises the DNI and other senior Intelligence Community leaders within the Intelligence Community.
National Intelligence Estimates are
classified documents prepared for policy-makers. (From Wikipedia)

Sounds impressive, right?

Ok, so how good are they?

Well back in August of 2005 the NIE said Iran was ten years away from The Bomb. That report was alluded to in an article in the Washington Post on August 2, 2005. Now… here it is 2007, and there is another article in the Washington Post, on December 5th, 2007, saying that the NIE says Iran halted a covert nuclear weapons program in 2003.

Now, which us correct? Was the NIE correct in 2005.? If they were… than Iran is 8 years away for the bomb. Was the NIE wrong in 2005? I mean… their latest report says Iran halted their nuclear weapons program two years before their report in 2005!

See what I mean? Makes all sorts of sense, doesn’t it?

Come on folks! What difference does it make… really! Iran is a powder keg with a lit fuse. When it goes up the entire Middle East will go up. ... unless they are stopped by the US or Israel. My gut tells me our Israeli friends, in the Mousad, are scratching their heads in disbelief over this report .

Look, the sad truth is the United States has, quite likely, the absolute worse intelligence agencies in the entire world today! The CIA is now a joke. Time was when they were tops on the planet. Along comes the Church Committee… and totally destoys the CIA… and subsequent administrations have ground it further into the dust. It is now badly broken, and we feel, ought to be phased out and an entirely new agency built, completely off the books, completely in the dark, and answerable only to the President. Congressional oversight be damned. Congressional oversight has ruined the intelligence community we have. You see, Americans have a penchant for electing complete idiots to Congress and those complete idiots are the best friends this country’s enemies have. “Useful idiots” they are called.

So what to do about this report and Iran’s prospect for building an Atomic Bomb? Scrap the report. Burn it! Prepare to attack Iran at a momet’s notice and keep the planes and crews on standby. Don’t think, for one second, Israel is going to stand down!

I still hold to the belief that sometime within the next year the Bush Adminstration will hit Iran with a pre-emptive strike and destroy as much of their nulcear capabilities as we possibly can… with continuous bombing raids for maybe a week. There will be some air and sea battles, in all liklihood. But it is a matter this President cannot afford to hand off to an incoming adminstration, especially if that incoming administration happens to be “Clinton and Company”. The US is in far too much danger to trust “them” with the securituy of the country.


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Frank said...

Boy oh boy, you missed the old sayin' of course I don't blame you W. couldn't get it right a t a speech he gave either, "Fool me once, shame on you fool me twice, shame on me". All I have to say is: "Iraq has WMD", "Aluminum rods", the words "mushroom cloud", "Slam dunk", "Mission accomplished", "welcomed as liberators", "who ever leaked the name of a CIA operative will not have a job in my administration", "Heck of a job Brownie". Uh ole buddy don't follow these lying morons anymore, and definitely don't believe a thing they say. Please, I know you are, replace know with pray, smarter than that. Take a good hard look at the last 6.5 years you will see this is the worst, most corupt administration ever, or atleast since Mckinley, who I am ashamed to admit was born in my home town in Ohio.

Anonymous said...

And what do you think of the very popular view by a leading Israeli analyst Obadiah Shoher? He argues (here, for example, www. ) that the Bush Administration made a deal with Iran: nuclear program in exchange for curtailing the Iranian support for Iraqi terrorists. His story seems plausible, isn't it?

Longstreet said...

Somehow, I would not be surprized! I wouldn't like it... but I would not be surprized.

By the way, the link you supplied did not work. Thanks, anyway.

Best regards.