Sunday, December 23, 2007

Taxes by the Mile!

(From Feb. 2005)

“Taxes by the Mile!”


Not buying as much gasoline as you used too…you know, before the price skyrocketed…this time? Well, guess what? You’re going to have to pay anyway. The government, I mean. You know…as in TAXES!!!

Yep, those folks in California, ever looking for a way to hit the “peons” up for more loot are looking…longingly…at the probability of charging you, by the mile, for using the California highways! Oh, yeah!

So, you thought you’d be smart and save the planet from global warming and cut back on your “gas guzzling” by riding yourself of that big ole (safe) SUV and buying one of those tiny, little, one-lung skateboards with wheels, huh? Didn’t work. Nope! You just can’t out smart those “left coasters” when it comes to innovation in levying taxes!

See, the deal is, they are investigating the possibility (probability is more like it) of placing a GPS (a Global Positioning monitor) device on every auto in the state of California. It will track every mile you drive and when you go to the gas pump to fill up, a computer, in the pump, will total your taxes for the miles you have driven since your last fill-up, and tag the additional costs onto the price of the gasoline and the already present gasoline taxes.

Oh, one other thing…with a G.P.S. device on your car, or truck, you never have to worry ever again, about getting lost. The government will always know where your vehicle is located. (Privacy? What privacy?) Oh, by the way, who do you suppose will get stuck with the bill for all those GPS devices? Guess!

Oregon is checking out the same set-up for their state, too. That’s where California got the idea in the first place.

I guess its time to park the old “blue bomber” and place it up on the cement blocks, in the side yard, and begin walking to work. But, hey, somebody’s got to pay for all the “up-keep” on those sidewalks!

How far did you say you walk to work, both ways, each day??? Huh?


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