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Last US Christmas as a Free Nation?

Last US Christmas as a Free Nation?


The title sort of “grabs” you, doesn’t it? I’m not being facetious here, either. It struck me the other morning, as I was scraping the whiskers off my chin about 4 in the morning, and listening to some obscure radio station near Fort Bragg.

When you push through all the mud, all the propaganda, and all the unmitigated BS which has been thrown at us over the past year, with another year to come, the real goal at stake becomes lost in the fog generated by all the hot air rising from the handful of people on the planet who have the chutzpah to believe that can lead a country like the US.

The goal of elections in America is, and always ought to be, the maintenance of FREEDOM! But this election season, we are given a clear-cut choice between remaining a free nation or giving up that freedom and becoming a socialist nation after the pattern of the old, failed, Soviet Union. The latter is being offered by the Democrats… and the Republicans aren’t putting up any fight… that one can notice... acting, for all the world, as if the election of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is a given and they’re just marking time.

I received a letter from my state’s Republican headquarters, in this week’s mail, asking for money. It was the usual stroking letter used when political parties wish to raid your personal treasury. I’m going to send it back, but with no money. But there will be a note enclosed explaining that I cannot support a party, which no longer represents conservative principles.

As I learn more about the Democrats plans for mandatory national health Insurance, their plans to surrender to the Islamofacists, their plans to raise taxes in order to redistribute the wealth of this nation’s citizens, their plans to grant amnesty to the hordes of criminals, called illegal immigrants, who are already in violation of the criminal laws of the US and grant them US citizenship, their plans to embrace the Kyoto Treaty and bind the US to a socialist program which has, as it’s goal, a one world socialist government, and… well, this just scratches the surface… considering all this, I must tell you… I am more than a little depressed at our nations prospects for continued freedom after next November’s election.

The political party to which I currently belong, (I’d be gone already if I had a viable option!) seems to have accepted the nation's turn to socialism and, if anything actually seems to be favoring many of the of the Democrats plans. Two leap to mind: Amnesty for illegal immigrants and Socialized Medicine.

Even the evangelical community in America has chosen a dud. They have fallen for the propaganda the liberal press has been feeding them about Mike Huckabee. The media has been building Huckabee into something he is not… a viable candidate with a chance to win. He is not either of those things, but the evangelicals have bought it and by voting for him will ensure the victory of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (Mrs. Bill Clinton). They seem to have forgotten that by electing her we will be retuning a disgraced former president to the White House to bring more disgrace upon it and our nation. (Do not forget, it is a fact of history… President Bill Clinton WAS impeached! Nothing can change that, even though those who re-write America’s history are working on that very thing at this moment!)

We have, currently, a nation controlled by brats. Children in adult clothing. Hippies control our government and our business community is controlled by baby boomers, of the “gimme” generation. Is it any wonder our nation is in decline?

We have allowed trade unions to set the educational standards in our public education system until they have dumbed down our current crop of kids until chimpanzees perform better than our college student on some tests! (Short-term memory tests) I wonder how the chimps fared on political science???

I watched a clip of President Ronald Reagan scolding the Soviets when they downed KAL flight 007, a civilian passenger airliner, on the History Channel a few days ago. I watched as Reagan glared into the camera, with jaw clinched, and told the Soviets they would be held accountable for what they had done. He didn’t apologize. He didn’t wimp out. He was the “by God President of the United States of America” and you’d damn well better pay attention to what he said! I thought… now, THAT is a PRESIDENT. That is a leader of the US. We haven’t had one since… and we tend to forget what a leader looks and sounds like.

So, enjoy this Christmas as a free American. After next November’s election our freedom may well be a thing of the past. Sadly, we will have voluntarily given it away.


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Frank said...

The goal of elections in America is, and always ought to be, the maintenance of FREEDOM!
remember that the next time a republican sews to stop the counting ove votes, or using illegal caging lists and other tactics to suppress votes and steal elections.