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Definition of an "Extremist".

(From May of 2005)
Definition of an Extremist.

Let’s see… so far I have been called an extremist, a Nazi, a 3 year-old child, a nutcase, crazy, a dictator, red-neck, ignorant…and these are just the names I can print! WOW! And all the name-calling is coming from the Political Left, those wonderful folks who gave us “tolerance”. We, here at "Insight on Freedom", must be striking in the "quick”. Which means... we are right on target!

Gosh, it really troubles me that... all these years, when we thought we were just average folks, we were so out of touch with the “average” Joe.

So let me take stock:

Let’s see…. I’m Southern American male, Caucasian, 64 years old, a military veteran, a Lutheran, a member of the American Legion, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a Republican, a writer, a wood worker, a 30 year retiree of the broadcasting business, A husband, a father, and a grandfather. I shop at Wal-Mart and K-mart. I drive a pick-up, which is parked, beside my wife’s GM sedan. I own my own home. I have a fairly good education, including a trade school and some college. And I vote… in every election.

I support the death penalty.

I believe there are absolutes… absolutely right and absolutely wrong. I believe in good and evil. I do not believe in “relativism”.

I do not support abortion, except… to save the life of the mother, or in case of rape, or incest.

So far as homosexuality is concerned … It goes against the teachings of my Christian faith, which is Scripturally based. I believe it to be, as my faith teaches, a sin. But, what you do in your own bedroom is YOUR business. Just stay out of my face, with it, and don’t insist that I accept it.

I believe the Constitution was written by a group of men who meant what they said and said what they meant. I think the Supreme Court does us no favors by ”finding” rights in the Constitution which, clearly, are not there. I believe the constitution should be interpreted as it was originally meant…which is simply… as it was written. I’m an “Originalist”.

Separation of Church and State…if it was in the Constitution, I would have no problem with it. As it is, there is no such clause and the clause so often referred to… is meant to prevent the establishment of a State Church. I believe religion and politics should remain apart. I also understand that each will influence the other and there is no way to insure that does not occur.

I believe in a strong military. I could easily become an isolationist, but I know the remainder of the world will not allow that. So we must keep our guard up and as we have one of the smallest military forces we have had in a very long time, we may often have to strike first. I’m OK with that. I hope the draft will not be necessary, but I believe it will… and this time it will draft both men and women.

I have a rock solid belief that Americans have a right to bear arms. As long as the citizenry of this country is armed we have less to fear from our government.

Now, these are just a few of the attributes of an “extremist” like me… at least according to the Political Left.

Now, I leave it up to you to decide, exactly where the line falls between the Political Left’s view of “extremism” and that of the Political Right.

Which presents the least threat to America?


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