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Political Party Gender: Dems = Female, Repubs = Male

Political Party Gender: Dems = Feminine, Repubs = Male

We began to suspect, way back when, that the gender of the Democrat Party is feminine and the gender of the Republican Party is male. This campaign cycle it seems the dems are going out of their way to prove it.

As one of our leading weekly news magazines discovered, not too many years ago, there really is a difference between males and females! That came as astounding news to many Americans who had been taught in the government school system of this nation that women and men were, well, equal, that there was no difference. Our young were taught to turn a blind eye to the obvious differences between the two real genders. It was a campaign by the feminist movement… and… the children of the nation were indoctrinated at taxpayer expense.

But, as there usually are, there were some holdouts. There were, it seems, some people in the US who refused to be bamboozled by all the propaganda and the pop-science, the obvious lies, and distortions of nature, and put some distance between themselves and those who perpetrated the falsehood of equality of the genders. But, a single, weak-willed political party in this nation, bought into the lies … all the way! It was, as usual, the Democrat(ic) Party. That brought on an exodus of male/men from the party. They trekked over to the other party…. you know, “the party where men are men… and the women are glad of it”!

As the years passed the democrat(ic) party has become even more feminized until today it has become the “Party of the Wuss”.

Men have a natural gift, a gift from nature, if you will, that hard wires them to want to protect the feminine gender. The Republican Party, being the party of men, has spent more than a little of it’s time in the transpiring years saving the Democrat(ic) Party from bring harm on itself... or harm on the nation. It has been, and continues to be, a daunting task… one which takes away precious time from doing the nation’s business as a capitalist society.

We, here at IoF, have visited this topic before. But, recently, the truth of the matter has been brought home with the profundity of a hailstorm on a tin roofed shack!

The female party’s leading candidate for the office of President is… what? A female… a woman? Well, yes. Arguably the most popular female on TV is , for the first time ever, campaigning for the female party’s second place contender. A member of the female party… a what? … a woman… is Speaker of the House of Representatives, and... well… you get the picture.

Now, I’m sorta old-fashioned, I suppose, but you see, I like women. My wife is one. My mother was one, my daughter is one, and my granddaughter is one. So, before you begin beating me about the head and shoulders, understand that I come from the old school where men were taught, from the cradle up, to be men. There was no blurring of the genders. There was no question what was expected of a man, as a man. As a result… things got done.

Testosterone is a wonderful hormone for action. Testosterone gets things done. Sometimes it gets messy… as in wars, but things get done. Testosterone doesn’t talk much. (Remember the strong silent type? Well, you youngsters born in the 1960’s and 1970’s probably have no clue what I meant by that question.) Testosterone is not given to much talk, debate, and diplomacy. When real men talk diplomacy, it is at the near end of a war when the opponent has been beaten stupid and diplomacy is… asking him if he is ready to give up. THAT is our definition of diplomacy!

Why, just look at the Democrat(ic) controlled Congress: effete, impotent, and totally useless, given to fits of anger and rage, always whimpering, and whining, about the horrible shape of “things”, lurching from one crisis to another, all the while depending upon the Republican Party to save them. So far, the Republicans have been able to save the country from the foibles of the "Feminized Congress". But that may well change next year.

Now, I’m not the only male writer having seen this Political Party gender split develop. Listen to what my friend, Alan Caruba, over at "Facts not Fantasy" has to say in a piece titled: “Is the Democratic Party Just for Girls”? Alan says:

“The Republican Party benefited from the decision of a large number of white men to leave the Democrat Party. They didn't like policies that threatened gun ownership, that put an end to some men's sports teams at colleges, or a party that kept offering candidates like Dukakis or McGovern whose pacifism seemed to lack manly virtues of courage and grit.

Gore had to hire a consultant to tell him what colors and fashions would make him look manly and, in the end, that silly, endless kiss before his acceptance speech at the Democrat convention embarrassed everyone watching.

Today, the total feminization of the Democrat Party finds its fulfillment in Hillary Clinton, the first woman to truly have a shot at the party's nomination. Her qualification? She is the wife of a former President."

You can read Alan’s entire article at:

Some of you will read this piece and laugh. Others will read it and become incensed with anger. Others will blow it off as the rantings of “a caveman”. That’s OK. Pointing to the obvious almost always embarrasses the masses. And that is all I am doing with this article… pointing out the obvious…. you know, “the elephant in the room”.

I have often thought God must truly love America for He has saved us, from ourselves, so many times in our history. It may well take divine intervention to save us again from those who would foist the feminine idea of society upon us. We call it “socialism” and socialism is a pretty, warm and fuzzy, feminine idea of how society should operate. It does not work, of course, but the idea is just, well, so pretty! If the Democrats have their way in 2008, this nation will be lead directly into socialism by “the touch of a woman’s hand”.

We may well find that the scenario, from the Bible, of Adam and Eve and the apple in the Garden of Eden is more than just a pretty story, after all. It may well have been intended as a warning. I’m just saying……….


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