Monday, December 17, 2007

Why THIS Republican Will NOT Vote for Mike Huckabee

Why THIS Republican Will NOT Vote for Mike Huckabee

I am a Republican and I will not be voting for Mike Huckabee.



Because of Jimmy Carter.

I am convinced Mike Huckabee and Jimmy Carter are cut from the same cloth. I was bitterly opposed to Jimmy Carter when he was running for President, while he was President, and, even today I find him a meddling, “busy body do-gooder” interfering in the affairs of the world. Most of the conflict in the Middle East today, especially Iran, can be traced directly back to the Carter Administration. The seeds of today’s war in Iraq, the coming war with Iran (and between Israel and Iran) ALL can be traced back to the Carter Administration.

Religion is a wonderful thing. I endorse it. But, by all means, in moderation, please! Huckabee has said he is defined by his religion, his faith. That being the case, and he says, openly, that it is, then, in my opinion, he has no place in the White House.

There used to be an old expression, the exact words of which escape me, but the jist of it went something like this… “When you need a lawyer, get the crookedest lawyer you can find.”

When we elect a President, we are hiring a Commander-in-Chief of the US military. We are hiring someone to defend this country, first and foremost. I want a “junkyard dog” defending me! If our President wishes to carry a bible in his hand, then he ought to carry a cannonball in the other! Remember the expression: “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition… and we’ll all stay free!”? THAT’S the sort of MODERATION I’m speaking of here.
I don’t trust Mike Huckabee to have that sort of sternness, that sort of steel, the sort of unflinching grit to order men to give up their lives in defense of this country, and the willingness to TAKE the lives of hundreds of thousands of this country’s enemies, personally, and then go to bed and sleep like a baby. I just do not think he has that quality about him. Jimmy Carter didn’t either. We are still paying for Carter’s lack of will today.

The person we elect to the office of President will be shadowed, day and night, by a member of the US military with “The Football”. Everything the President needs to order a nuclear holocaust on our enemies is always within a few steps of wherever the President is at any given moment. Our enemies, indeed the world, MUST know that the President of the United States of America has the will, the determination, the guts, if you will, to press “the button” and rain down death and destruction upon the heads of those who would do this country harm.

Nobody feared Jimmy Carter. Not our friends, and certainly not our enemies! I am very afraid things would be much the same with Huckabee in office.

Whoever the next president is, he/she, will inherit a war. Why? Because this nation is at war! Deny it, if you must, but the plain truth is… we are at war… and… we are going to be at war for at least a half century. Bringing the troops home will do nothing to ease the war on America by the Islamofacists. None whatsoever. They are resigned to a never-ending war until either they are all dead… or… the US is no more. Whoever the next president is, he/she must understand that fact, going in, and prepare for all hell to break loose from both the Peaceniks, the flower children in the Congress, and... the war hawks. Then, of course, there is the “declared” enemy, the Islamofacists.

The next president will be a wartime president. If doesn’t matter what he or she wants, it will be thrust upon him, or her. Actually, the next president will assume that mantle from George Bush. Not a single one of the candidates, from either party, is admitting that in public, even though it IS a fact. They all know they cannot bring the troops home from the Middle East. But they’re not telling the American public that. Both parties fear the Peaceniks. They are all old enough to remember the peace riots in the 1960’s and 1970’s and they have nightmares about that happening on their watch.

Let’s face it: the next President will, of necessity, have to be one tough SOB. I do not see that toughness in Mike Huckabee. I did not see it in Jimmy Carter and time proved my intuition correct.

No, I cannot support Mike Huckabee for President of the US. Why? Because of Jimmy Carter.


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Quigley said...

I certainly don't want another Jimmy Carter. "Who'd a thought" Rommney would take on a lustre? AND none of the democrats exhibit any leadership capabilities that I look for. Hopefully, "the cream will rise to the top" before we have to decide.

Frank said...

Go Kuccinich!!!!
Anti NAFTA, Anti free trade......