Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Clinton's Third Term Assured!

The Clintons Will Get Their Third Term in The White House!


“None of the Above” is the best choice for Republicans in the upcoming Primaries (Primary Elections). That is this conservative’s opinion.

If anything, the situation is about as bad as it has ever been for Republican voters! Without doubt, it is the “Worst of Times” for Conservative Republican voters. I count myself among the latter.

Look, there is simply no Republican candidate, currently running, I can support, or vote for. I am hearing this over and over again from my Republican friends and associates. It is SO bad, I have had conservative friends approach me and exclaim quietly, “I’d rather have Obama in the White House than Hillary”. Even with Obama’s inexperience and naiveté, he is preferred, over Hillary, by conservative voters who see no chance for a conservative from the ranks of the Republican Party even being nominated. What it means, dear reader, is that conservative voters have tossed in the towel!

Conservatives are the “backbone” of the current Republican Party. If conservatives desert the party this November the Republican Party doesn’t stand a “snowball’s chance” of winning the Presidential race! It is as simple… and… as frightening as that.

Rush Limbaugh has said that if McCain, or Huckabee, get the Republican Party’s nomination, it will change the Republican Party forever. He’s right. The party will be unrecognizable. It will bear no resemblance to the Republican Party we have known. Conservatives will be even less welcome than they are now and they will not stay in the party even if the welcome mat was stretched out before them.

The most immediate effect will be the loss of the presidential election this coming November. Neither McCain nor Huckabee can secure a win for the GOP. That is a given. I know it , and I suspect, deep down, you know it, and the MSM knows it, and, certainly, the Democrat Party knows it. The democrats pray, every night, that either McCain or Huckabee wins the GOP’s nomination so they can run Hillary, against either of them, for a win!

It is a given that Hillary will be the Democratic Party’s candidate in November. Thus it has been since day one. All the sound and fury over Obama… is just that… a lot of noise and lot of motion... and nothing more. It is a sort of political diversion.... slight of hand, if you will. Obama is not a serious candidate with a serious chance to win. Never has been. Hillary is the party’s pick and has been for many years.

The fear the democrats have (I mean that cold clutching fear down deep in the guts of the democrat party) is the fear that the Republican Party will run a solid conservative candidate against Hillary. In that case Hillary would not have a chance… and the DNC knew it and knows it. As I said, it is their greatest fear.

But not to worry, for the Republican Party has complied with their wishes and will run a non-conservative candidate…. and in doing so will hand the keys to the White House to the Clintons… for a third term.

I must tell you of my frustration. I am frustrated that my fellow conservatives are clinging to a political party, which does not want them anywhere near it. The humiliation conservatives appear willing to undergo, just to maintain their affiliation with the Republican Party and a group of politicians who would just as soon spit upon them, is astonishing. It is incomprehensible to me.

When Conservatives open their eyes to what is REALLY happening in the Republican Party, it will be too late. For it is already too late. Not only have we been deprived of a conservative president, we have been deprived of that thing which is far more important in America than a mere conservative president… and that is a conservative Supreme Court. Conservatives can kiss THAT dream goodbye!

So, I am back to beating the drum for a real conservative political party… a stand-alone conservative party. Not a party in which conservatives are tolerated for the numbers they can bring to the voting booths, but a party by, and for, conservatives. Until that happens, fellow conservative, we are shut out of the circles of power within the government of the United States.


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Frank said...

I feel your pain, I as a liberal have not a true liberal to vote for either.... Kucinich doesn't have a prayer, I also like Edwards or Barack, but I feel the centrist Clintonian machine will rule. I liked Bill (would vote for him again, he was the most intelligent president in my lifetime) but he tried to move the party to the center.... There's nothing in the middle of the road but yellow stripes and dead armadillos......

cwysocki said...

It's too bad Fred dropped out, he was definitely The One. At this point I have to make a strategic choice to vote against McCain in the NJ primary; so I'm reluctantly going to pull the lever for Romney.

I wrote more about the lack of a good conservative candidate here.