Monday, January 07, 2008

Veterans Refused Rights They Fought For in Veteran’s Hospitals.

(This is such an important topic that I am going to break my rule today and hold this post over, in the top slot, for another day. Thank you to those of you who have stopped by and left comments, and to those who have e-mailed and reported that they have contacted their Senators and Congresspersons about this matter. If you have only just arrived here please read on. The article begins just below. Thanks! Longstreet )
Veterans Refused Rights They Fought For in Veteran’s Hospitals.

I just read a piece in the Fayetteville Observer, out of Fayetteville North Carolina, that had my blood boiling. I daresay, if you are a veteran, or happen to be a “Christian” veteran, or a member of the family of a Christian veteran, and you can read this article and not be “spitting nails” angry … then you are a better person than I.

The article is entitled: “VA Forbids Basic Rights”. Laud Pitt, Jr, writes the piece. Mr. Pitt is a retired US Army Lt. Colonel. The paper says he formerly visited the VA hospital in Fayetteville one day a week, performing volunteer pastoral care for patients living there.

Let me give you one brief quote from this article:

“As a volunteer assigned to the chaplain’s office of the Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center in Fayetteville, I was recently told that I could no longer carry my Bible into the rooms of patients living on the nursing floors of that hospital, nor could I any longer say a prayer with any of the patients.”

That is a direct quote of the very first paragraph of this article. You have to read on to really see what Col. Pitt’s complaint is about. And, if you are like me, before you are half way through.... you will be on fire!

Here’s the URL for the article on the Fayetteville Observer’s site:

(For those of you who have not served in the US Army, Fayetteville, North Carolina, is the city adjacent to Fort Bragg, one of the Army’s largest Army installations on the North American Continent. Many, many, many US Army Veterans live in this area of Southeastern North Carolina. The VA Hospital referenced in this article is where most of them receive their care.)
Something has to be done about the direction the VA has taken as regards the denial of religious rights constitutionally guaranteed Christian’s… including Christian soldiers… and especially Christian veterans who fought and sacrificed in a VERY real way to protect and guarantee those rights.

This just STINKS!

Don’t you think it’s time to contact your Congressperson and Senators about this problem?
The denuding of all chapels, in VA hospitals, of any Christian symbols is a policy, which, I understand, is being implemented by the VA nationwide. You might want to check the VA hospital nearest you and see for yourself.

As for me, rest assured I will be contacting Senator Burr and Senator Dole, and my Congressman, ASAP about this. They (WE) owe these veterans more than we can ever repay and this must be corrected… and corrected NOW!

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Anonymous said...

This is disgusting !!! Why shouln't a veteran have the comfort of their faith. Its not as if they were forced to pray.This PC crap has gone way too far

Sandy said...

I was very upset to read the article this morning. I have already written Senator Dole and the Governor.
I don't know how much longer God will allow the world to go on with everything about religion being dismissed.

Longstreet said...

Thank you, Sandy.

Faultline USA said...

This is an outrage. Thank your for bringing it to our attention!

Rosemary said...

All I am sure of anymore is that this would not happen to muz-lims. Maybe we should start chopping off heads? I know. That is not us, or is it? Are you saying we don't know how to fight back?

When it became well known that the English were not going to leave us alone, it was the PASTORS who took to the streets. WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

I am not serious about lobbing off heads, but I am serious about throwing the bums out of office if they don't reverse course...

Rosemary said...

Rosemary's Thoughts says:

VA ALERT: Christians need not apply or get sick.

Why do I suggest that people of other faiths bother with what appears to be Christian problem? Because if the USA government, which was created upon Judeo-Christian principles, can eliminate God-given rights for us, then they can take away your rights as well...

PS. You may want to get some kind of Trackback so that people can link to your sight. :)