Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Left and Evangelicals. Never the Twain Shall Meet... UPDATED!

The Left and Evangelicals. Never the Twain Shall Meet!
The American Left is making a mistake that could easily keep them in the losing column in 2006 and 2008. Their mistake is so blatant that one would question whether or not it is intentional.. It might well be. What is this mistake I’m rambling on about?

Evangelicals. Yes, America’s Evangelicals. They are a powerful force. A force who believes without a shadow of a doubt that God is on their side and they further believe it is their duty to vote against, what they perceive, as the Godless Left in America.

Now, You may agree, or disagree, with America’s Evangelicals but it makes no difference. They are a force to be reckoned with. So far the Democrat Party is doing everything in their power to insure that Evangelicals do not support them no matter how many telephone calls President Bush, and NSA listen in on.

Evangelicals can’t stand the thought of abortion.

Evangelicals believe the Bible condemns homosexuality and commands death as the punishment.

Evangelicals support the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq as one and the same war.

Evangelicals believe in Creationism and Intelligent Design, which, so far as they are concerned, is one and the same.

Evangelicals believe “In God We Trust” should be on our money.

Evangelicals believe this is “One Nation under God” and that phrase should be in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Evangelicals believe this country was founded on Christian beliefs and that is why it is tolerant of other religions.

Evangelicals do not believe in the separation of Church and State. They simply don’t see how, in a Christian nation that is possible.

Evangelicals believe they have a God given calling to bar Godless Leftists and socialists from the halls of Congress and the Whitehouse and the Supreme Court.

Evangelicals hate feminism. Many feel it is witchcraft. The biblical sentence for witchcraft, as with homosexuality, is death.

Evangelicals hate the “sin” and love “the sinner”. This is particularly difficult for the Left to wrap its collective mind around.

Evangelicals believe they are subject first to God’s law and then man’s law.

Evangelicalism is the fastest growing of the Christian faiths in the United States. They have lots of power and they are not afraid to use it.

Your can quickly see why the American Evangelical movement sides with Republicans and works tirelessly against the American Left. It’s not so much that they love the Republicans, but it is that the Republicans do not condemn them and, do not talk down to them, and actually appreciates their support… and tells them so. (This has changed this election cycle. It is now absolutely a “toss up” as to whether the Evangelicals will support the GOP in the November 2008 election. My guess is… they WILL NOT! Without their support the Republican Party will lose the 2008 presidential election!)

The American Left represents so much of what the scriptures define as sin and the scriptures warn all men not to participate in those sins.

The American Left is preached against every Sunday from the millions of Evangelical pulpits. Don’t misunderstand… the preachers do not name the American Left and it’s platform, as sin, but the scriptures do… and the preachers preach from the scriptures. Unlike many mainline denominations, the Evangelical preacher does not champion secular causes, and push environmental concerns, and such, from the pulpit. They preach from the scriptures and the scriptures, which the evangelical believes to be the infallible Word of God, rails against, and condemn, so much of the American Left’s platform.

The American Evangelical is taught to “Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all these (other) things will be added unto you”. In other words the scriptures tell the Evangelical to get his, or her, priorities right. God first… and everything else… after that.

The American left has come to represent all things ungodly, to the Evangelical, as well as a force of, and for, evil in the country and the world.

The power of Evangelicals can, and does, swing national elections.

Laugh if you must, make fun of them, if you must, but, if you are a supporter of the American Left, remember this: the Evangelical will be choosing your President, and your Congressman, and your Senators. This is simply the way it is and it isn’t going to change anytime soon. Any chance of that happening was cancelled out by the Clinton Administration. The current crop of “Lefties” is just sealing the American Left’s tomb. (If the Evangelicals withhold their support of the republican ticket, the US will have a democrat in the Oval Office come this time next year!)


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cube said...

I hope the republicans unite around whoever our candidate turns out to be (I'm hoping it's Romney) and vote against whoever the democrat canditate happens to be.

I don't want to see a replay of the 2006 election.

TexasFred said...

Ya know, I am not a religious person, as in, I do NOT go to church, but, as strange as it may seem, I AM a believer...

I don't consider myself to be any kind of evangelical either, but I have no problem with any of the things they believe...

In God we trust, One nation under God, yeah, I AM good with that, but I can see how the hypocritical heathens on the left would be a bit upset...

Longstreet said...

Unless we come out of the convention with a conservative candidate, that means a candidate not currently running, look for a landslide democrat win in November.

Frank said...

I hope the republicans unite around whoever our candidate turns out to be (I'm hoping it's Romney) and vote against whoever the democrat canditate happens to be.

I don't want to see a replay of the 2006 election.

A repeat of '06 would be the best thing for this nation, and the best thing for freedom, we could wipe out the deficit and get rid of the Patriot act, and stop spying an American Citizens.... Shoot while there at it they could round up the Bush's, Cheney'', Rove's, Libbies, and all neoconss as traitors and ship them off to Guitmo to be waterboarded..... and anyone who opposes such actions.....
That would be Heaven on earth Alleluiah