Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nominations From the Floor of the GOP Convention?

A Brokered Convention???


Nominations from the floor of the GOP Convention?


To be so intelligent, the folks at the RNC seem to have made the dumbest decision in their history. I refer, of course, to the dumping of their core… the conservative majority in the Republican Party. For some reason it is as if the RNC and the Republican Party, at the highest levels, have a death wish. I cannot fathom their behavior this election cycle.

They have presented the republican voter with a slate of candidates, some of whom are jokes, and not a single viable candidate among them. Not one. Add to that the REASON there is not a viable candidate amongst them. That is… there are NO CONSERVATIVES among them. It is the perfect formula for certain defeat in November! Even this dumb ole country boy from the swamps of the Carolinas can see that! Why can’t they?

There is talk at the upper echelons of the GOP of “re-defining” the Party. To WHAT, I ask ??? Some center-left niche party, which becomes the home of moderate, liberal, and scared republicans? Sounds like “democrat-lite” to me. It also sounds like a “loser” party, as well. All this talk only underscores what I have been warning of for a couple of years now… there is no longer room in the Republican “Big Tent” for conservatives. We are “persona non-grata”! The sooner we learn that, accept it, and move on, the better off we will be.

Look, I talk to conservatives all over the country and we are all sick to death of the Republican Party’s suicide. For that is what it is… plain and simple. The GOP will never win another election without it’s conservative base.

At the moment, we conservatives have no party to which to turn. So we are stuck. The sure and certain thing is, however, we are not going to compromise ourselves and vote for the republican nominee just to save the country from Hillary and the disaster prone democrats. Ain’t gonna happen. In my case, I have already decided to vote for “None of the Above” in both the NC Primary and the General Election in November. Unless, unless… there is a nomination from the floor of the Republican Convention and a conservative, a real conservative, candidate is chosen by the delegates to the convention! So far, I am hearing no rumblings from conservatives about such a move. That signals to me conservatives have decided to sit the November election out, as they did in 2006, and hand the country over to the democrats.

It will be a cold day in hell when the GOP gets conservative voters back in their “Big Tent”. I hate the thought of going Independent, but at the moment, that is where I am headed. I cannot support a party, which no longer stands for the ideals that I do. I can no longer support a party that has said, so clearly, it doesn’t want me, or my kind, within it.

In the meantime, I have to learn Spanish. The invasion from Mexico will have totally taken over the southern states in less than a decade and WE Americans will be the English-speaking minority. The GOP has completely, and I believe intentionally, dropped the ball on doing anything to repulse the Mexican invasion. I don’t hear any of the GOP candidates offering anything like a solution. At least, not in sincerity. They are mouthing the words but I don’t detect any fire in the belly to get that border closed and sealed. What happens if the individual states choose to close and seal THEIR OWN borders? Can we expect “face offs” between US troops and National Guard troops and State Militia troops at the borders of those states that choose to protect THEIR citizens from an invasion by a alien country? Sounds like a bad movie, right? Problem is… militias (not state militias… private militias) are going to raise their heads, very soon I suspect, and begin vigilante operations. It ALWAYS happens when the government refuses to do its job, for whatever reason, when the security of the citizenry is at stake. That’s what “vigilance committees” do. (I’m not advocating vigilantism here; I’m warning that it is coming.)

So, how does vigilantism tie into not voting for the Republican candidate? Because I hold the Republican Party responsible for not sealing the Southern Border of the US while there was a republican commander-in-chief (in the White House) and the problem is clearly a national security issue.

On so many levels the GOP has failed to represent it’s constituents. And they expect me to support them anyway? Apparently they do!

As the GOP candidates go about the country gathering delegates, in the various primaries, it is interesting to watch the numbers of GOP voters actually turning out to cast ballots. This early it is difficult to tell for there have been no primaries in what one could reasonable call a conservative state. But they are coming.

No, I don’t see a conservative nominated from the floor of the Republican Convention later this year. This election is already consigned to history and the republicans lost it. Sad thing is, they will go on losing now that they have forsaken the only faction within their party, which could bring them victory. The conservatives.


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TexasFred said...

I see that you are as angry as I am...

We have been left behind by the Repubs much as my ancestors were left behind by the REAL Dems many years ago, before Dem meant LIBBER..

Longstreet said...

Fred, you bet I am angry! Also frustrated. I saw this coming as far back as the nomination of GW Bush. The party palmed him off as a conservative. He was/is not! I knew it then. I tried to warn conservatives this was coming, but it seems nobody wanted to deal with it. Well, it’s here. The big wigs in the party are re-defining conservatives right out of the GOP. They don’t want us now. We were a means to an end back when they courted us. But now they have used us and thrown us away. I feel like a prostitute!

Best regards, my friend!


Frank said...

What do you mean W is not conservative? As foolish as he is I wouldn't claim him either, but,
1.) He is pro super wealthy
2.) anti middle class
3.) He showed us just how incompetant government can be.
4.) He ran on the backs of the religious "fuddy duddies".
5.) he is pro big business and anti labor and small business.
6.) he is anti choice
7.) he is pro privitization of everything, even stuff that the government does better than the private sect.
8.) he is anti peace.
9.) he is pro polie state, and i have seen Conservatives all over focus on police powers and state powers to save us from evil doers among us.
10.) if you attack him well then you just must be anti american, that is the biggest trait i see in conservatives, no matter how wrong they are, how evil they are, attack one of them and the G.O.P. cries out that you must be a commie, or in todays world anti- U.S.
11.) he is everything our founding fathers were not!
So sir please explain to me how is not conservative, maybe your not and your just dooped into beleiving you are.

Longstreet said...

I repeat: George Bush is not a conservative. He is, however, what the party is trying to redefine conservatism as. (Pardon the grammar)

Ronald Reagan was a conservative. I'm a conservative. Mr. Bush is not, and neither was his father.

The following is from Wikipedia:

"It is hotly debated whether the successive Republican Administrations of Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush are truly conservative. George W. Bush campaigned in 2000 as a "compassionate conservative," but only adopted part of the conservative agenda. He has cut taxes and is strongly pro-business. He is seen as a strong supporter of God and country. On the other hand, he has greatly increased the size, power, and spending of the federal government, and the size of the national debt, both of which are against general conservatism. Peggy Noonan, in the Wall Street Journal, wrote, "For this we fought the Reagan revolution? A year into his second term, President Bush is redefining what it means to be a Republican and a conservative."
(See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_conservatism)

Best regards!