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A Handful of States Preparing to Disenfranchise 2/3rds of the American Voters!

Handful of States Preparing to Disenfranchise 2/3rds of the American Voters!


Think your vote doesn’t count now? In the words of Al. Jolson: “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Wallbuilders, a Christian organization, warned that under a national popular vote one would need support only from population centers in a handful of population-rich states to win every presidential election.

Critics, point out that under such a plan, a coalition of just 11 states or fewer -- California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, North Carolina, Michigan, Illinois and Georgia -- would have enough vote power to control presidential elections, leaving the other 39-plus states and the District of Columbia to fall into line.
(From: “Electoral college bypass approved by 2nd state” at World Net Daily at:

You really need to read the article I cite above! This is serious stuff! I am sitting here, in North Carolina, watching my state legislature, dominated by Democrats, about to do sometime dumb… again! They are considering awarding our state's electoral votes differently. Up to now, NC has been a “winner take all” state. The winner of the popular vote got ALL of North Carolina’s electoral votes. (NC has 15 Electoral Votes)

Why change now? Because the North Carolina state legislature is dominated by democrats who are embarrassed every time there is a national election because the voters of North Carolina vote for the republicans on the national ticket. On the local level the democrat machine is so “in control” that voters know casting a vote for anyone other than a democrat is a wasted vote. But, having NC fixed as a “red state” on that national map, we are all so familiar with, has become a deep embarrassment to the democrat machine in North Carolina. . By changing the way the state’s electoral votes are apportioned they hope to alleviate some of the red in their faces.

As of today the total number of electoral votes are 538. To win, a candidate must secure 270 of those votes. Below is a breakdown of the states and their electoral votes:

Alabama - 9

Alaska - 3

Arizona - 10

Arkansas – 6
California - 55

Colorado - 9

Connecticut - 7

Delaware - 3

District Of Columbia - 3

Florida - 27

Georgia - 15

Hawaii - 4

Idaho - 4

Illinois - 21

Indiana - 11

Iowa - 7

Kansas - 6

Kentucky - 8

Louisiana - 9

Maine - 4

Maryland - 10

Massachusetts - 12

Michigan - 17

Minnesota - 10

Mississippi - 6

Missouri – 11
Montana - 3

Nebraska - 5

Nevada - 5

New Hampshire – 4
New Jersey - 15

New Mexico - 5

New York - 31

North Carolina - 15

North Dakota - 3

Ohio - 20

Oklahoma - 7

Oregon - 7

Pennsylvania - 21

Rhode Island - 4

South Carolina - 8

South Dakota - 3

Tennessee - 11

Texas - 34

Utah - 5

Vermont - 3

Virginia - 13

Washington - 11

West Virginia - 5

Wisconsin - 10

Wyoming – 3

This info is available from the: United States National Archives & Records Administration at:

Leaving well enough alone should be the order of the day as it relates to the Electoral College. We have forgotten a couple of crucial things about our government… and… about ourselves. One, the President of the United States was originally appointed, not elected. Popular voting had no role in the election of Presidents until the 1820s and the election of Andrew Jackson. There is a great difference between “liberty” and “democracy”. The early government of the US was created to insure “Liberty” and the Founders did all in their power to insulate that government from democracy. They created the Electoral College as a way to limit democracy’s pressure on that government.

Now… here is the other crucial thing we Americans have forgotten. Are you sitting down? Maybe you ought to. This is a hard truth: Majority rule can be just as tyrannical as any tyrant has ever been. That is a fact. There is no guarantee that majority rule will be just. None whatsoever.

There is an article we recommend to you. It is entitled “Origins of the Electoral College” by Randall G. Holcombe. You’ll find it at:

I am convinced that "Providence" has watched over this nation of “bumblers” and aided our success in building a form of government, over time, that has proven to be the best every devised by the mind if man.

And finally, contrary to what some of our presidential candidate would have us believe today, change for change’s sake is not necessarily good. I encourage you to ask: Change from what… to what?

Changing the Electoral College, or abolishing the Electoral College, is an open invitation to electoral hijinks the likes of which this nation has never seen in its history. It should be left alone.

Remember: The United States is not a democracy! You may not have been taught that in public school. The United States is a Representative Republic. I repeat: we are not a democracy. Our government is a hybrid. Hybrids take study to understand. Back when our public school system actually taught government, in Civics classes, most Americans had a working grasp of how the US government actually works. Now, however, with Political Correctness firmly in control, ignorance of how the government works is a must for the “elites” to continue control through their “Shadow Government”.

If you have been educated since the decade of the 1950’s, in America’s pubic school system, your knowledge of the US government has been drastically curtailed. Use the Internet. Get out there in the ether and LEARN! When you do, you will understand the Founder’s reasons for establishing the Electoral College and why it is absolutely vital that we keep it.


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Frank said...

I guess the Republicans in California are about to do something Dumb.... again, since they are contemplating the same thing. I think both states should be stopped.

Frank said...

I read the article and I think it sounds closer to democracy than the system we have now..... But I fear our founding fathers were correct when they started it because the felt that the people were not smart enough to elect a president, and after all the idiots who voted for Bush in 2000 and again in 2004 and the ones who still support him or any republican after the past 8 years I agree with them.