Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Destruction of the Palestinian State.

The Destruction of the Palestinian State.


Lemme ask a question: Do not the idiots calling for a Palestinian state understand they are calling for the genocide of the so-called Palestinian people?????? For that is exactly what will happen. That is exactly what MUST happen if the state of Israel is to survive. Once there is a state of Palestine, Israel will no longer be fighting a bunch of terrorists and thugs, she’ll be defending herself against a nation/state… a nation/state backed by the United Nations. For all intents and purposes to create a Palestinian state is to create another terrorists state! Therefore, Israel will have no choice but to wipe the state of Palestine out… as quickly as she can. And she will.

The utter naiveté of the Left, and some on the right, including our own President, is absolutely amazing! They are setting the so-called Palestinians up for a massacre. (Or is that what the intention is??? No, can’t be. Our intelligence people are not that smart!)

Look, I find it more than a little difficult to feel any kindness toward a people who openly rejoiced by dancing, and singing, in the streets when their fellow Muslims slammed those airliners into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, in New York, and killed 3,000 of my countrymen! So, don’t expect it from me. Add to that the fact that I am damned tired of US dollars being poured into that rat hole to be used to arm terrorists who kill Jews and Americans just because they are Jews and Americans! Americans must be the dumbest people on the face of the globe. No, I take that back. Americans have the dumbest LEADERS on the face of the globe!

There never has been a “Palestinian nation/people”. Never! That particular piece of real estate was ruled over by the Roman Empire, the Crusaders, both Muslim and Christian, by the Turks (The Ottoman Empire), and by the British. When the state of Israel was created, Trans-Jordan was created, at the same time, to be the homeland for the people who call themselves Palestinians.

They do not want a “state”, a Palestinian state. They want Israel gone, wiped off the map. The call for a state of Palestine is a ploy to institute their claim to a “right of return” for all “Palestinians” worldwide. Never mind the fact that there are no Palestinians, Muslims will flood into the area and soon Israel will be inundated by the screaming hordes intent on their death and destruction. That’s what all this is about. And it pains me to see my government actively aiding and assisting in what can only be the kick-off to Armageddon!

We recommend an article to you, written by Joseph Farah of “Between the Lines”. You’ll find it at:

There should be no Palestinian state… ever. There never has been… and there never should be.


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Frank said...

Israel is acting more like a terrorist state every day... Oh wait but their our terrorists so it's ok.... They butcher the people in Gaza, Terrorize them, kill women and children, shut off power and water to them and that's O.K. They have committed the biggest holocaust and genocide this planet has EVER seen. They should be punished for their crimes against humanity... They cry about Hitler putting them in internment camps much like we did to Japanese Americans, at least he let them live out their days in peace and solitude in these camps, these Jews commit atrocities daily.
I say Nuke Israel and see if God actually stops the missles... If he does then they are truly God's chosen people, if he allows them to die well then it will be a more peacefull world.

CoryMichael said...

Frank, you're obviously an anti-semite. That's ok. Feel what you want, but be honest about it.