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The Insanity of the Man Made Global Warming Movement!

The Insanity of the Man Made Global Warming Movement!
Subtitle: The Enslavement of the Planet Earth!


Sounds like the title of a bad “B” movie, doesn’t it? Problem is, it’s no movie and it is happening now!

I was thinking the other day, as I read of the results of the Confab in Bali on the imminent doom of the planet, … I wonder how Al Gore’s grandchildren and great grandchildren, will handle the bizarre behavior of their grandfather, oh, say… in THEIR middle age. By that time many of the predictions he has made will have proven false and the World Government will have the screws down so tight that they will surely understand that all their grandfather’s efforts were intended for the accomplishment of one goal… a single one-world government… a leftist, dictatorship spanning the globe and ruling by, what else, fear!

The world stands today on a precipice. And we are off balance. There is a tug of war between the sane and the insane. Sanity is slowly losing to the screeching, delirious, insanity of the Global Warming Movement. Oh, you say, isn’t calling belief in man-made global, warming insanity too strong? No, it is not. What else do you call a delusion built upon lies and distortions founded on fear? Why, they have medication for that!

Sanity is holding fast to the truth and pointing out the obvious untruths in the man made global warming movement’s preaching of the doom of the planet.

Look, to even belief that man is capable of destroying the earth is the absolute height of man’s arrogance! The planet could destroy every living creature on it in the blinking of an eye. To believe that man can destroy what God has built and ordained as our home, is to spit in the face of God Himself. I will not be a part of that.

The human animal lives in fear of that which it does not understand. Since the dawn of time some human’s, with an intellectual edge over their fellowmen, have striven to use that fear to control their fellowmen. And they have been successful time, and time, and time again. When overwhelming force didn’t work, fear did… and still does.

There are forces on this planet, which have dedicated centuries of labor to creating a government, which will rule the entire planet. (Truth is stranger than fiction) They have been known by many names, names they did not give themselves but names given them by the few who detected them and saw them for the evil force they are. Until the mid 20th century, they were stymied by the lack of a single source of fear that would cause the less courageous among us to cluster together for comfort, to cause the less courageous among us to grab up the pitch forks and shovels and attack… not the monster, but attack those who dare speak up and point out… there IS NO MONSTER! Now they have succeeded in creating a worldwide mob rampaging the streets of the cities and villages of the globe to drive out those of us who dare proclaim there is nothing to fear.

The Confab in Bali is the latest version of “burning at the stake”. The US was, for all intents and purposes, burnt at the stake in Bali.

To regain sanity, the insane must understand that the Man Made Global Warming Movement is not about global warming. It is about global dominion. It is about enslaving and entire planet.

The United States has been the only obstacle standing in the path of compete global governance by the centuries old world domination organizations. But no longer. Unlike Americans of old, the generation in control of the US government today, doesn’t have the backbone, the will, nor the desire, to stand against the forces in control of the world’s flow of cash. Our government’s knees have buckled. Rather than stand against what they know to be a lie, they will now embrace the lie and cling to hope that they be allowed to hold on to their ephemeral vestiges of power.

Those of us who see through the great lie of man made Global Warming, or as it is being called today: “Global Climate Change” look on in disbelief as a people’s arrogance has led them to believe that they are far too intelligent to be bamboozled by a thinly disguised lie. All the while they are, in fact, being led down the primrose path to the depths of foolishness never before witnessed in the history of humankind.

As ANY conman can tell you, the more intelligent the “Mark” the easier they are to con! I spent many, many, years in the advertising business. I know a little something about how easily the human mind can be molded by stroking the emotions of pleasure and fear. Fear is the great motivator. Too much fear and the human mind will seize up and there will be no reaction. Use a little fear, a fear one cannot quite understand, and it is far more effective. Then add quilt to that and the great scam is in place. Scare them, and laden them with quilt for creating that fear, in the first place, and then offer them redemption by telling them they can reverse whatever it was they did to create the source of the fear. The circle is now complete.

Man is not nearly so smart as he thinks. He is easily led. He will seek a fellow human he perceives smarter then he to follow. The leader he chose may not be smarter than he is, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the perception. Perception is everything. That is another truism from the advertising world.

Having used man’s weakness as a tool, in my business, for decades, imagine my horror as I watch those same tools being used by unscrupulous forces to scam an entire planet into accepting the inevitable destruction of the home world and then, at the moment of greatest fear, introduce the only hope for salvation, the only hope to save the planet…. a single, all powerful, government acting on behalf of all to stop the threat in it’s tracks! This single government needs to be the single repository for all the world’s wealth, because, you see, it will take all the wealth of the planet to stop the threat. There must be a single controlling authority to see that the threat never raises its ugly head again! Everything then belongs to that government, that state. The state will then control every little detail of the lives of the governed. All of this, they will convincingly tell you, is necessary to keep “The Threat” at bay.

Yes, we have seen this before. It’s called socialism. And it is straight out of hell, itself. The only thing socialism is effective at… is controlling people. It has utterly failed at all else.

And there you have it. “The SCAM”… in all its glory. Its simplicity is quite beautiful, really. The enslavement of an entire planet made easy. It’s success is ensured as man will not easily admit he has fallen for a scam (even after he becomes “cognoscent” of it) for fear (There’s that word again!) of appearing foolish in the eyes of his fellowmen. Thus, the scam, the hoax, is perpetuated.

To those of us who know the truth, it is as if we are watching a train wreck in slow motion. We see our world hurtling, eagerly, toward disaster, with death and destruction inevitable, and we have been made powerless to stop it by the very forces that planned the train wreck!

This is going to end badly! Very badly, indeed.


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