Thursday, January 03, 2008

This Election is Over! The Republicans LOST!

None of the Above!

“None of the Above” is the best choice for Republicans in the upcoming Primaries (Primary Elections).

A few days ago, a friend of mine, Texas Fred,( ) said the same on his blog site … and I agreed with him. If anything, the situation is about as bad as it has ever been for Republican voters! Without doubt, it is the “Worst of Times” for Conservative Republican voters. I count myself among the latter.

Look, there is simply no Republican candidate, currently running, I can support or vote for. I am hearing this over and over again from my Republican friends and associates.

Conservatives are the “backbone” of the current Republican Party. If Conservatives desert the party this November, the Republican Party doesn’t stand a “snowball’s chance in hell” of winning the Presidential race! It is as simple… and… as frightening… as that. What is even MORE frightening? THAT is EXACTLY how the election is shaping up! The Republicans are headed for certain defeat in the Presidential election. Why? Because Conservative Republicans are going to stay home in November, or write in the name of a candidate they can vote for in good conscious, and in non-violation of the tenents of their faith!

It is bad enough that the hierarchy of the Republican Party is taking the party straight to defeat this election cycle, but now... they have added insult to injury with their attempt to redefine “conservative”. They have produced a handful of candidates, for the party faithful to choose from, and billed them as conservative. Trouble is… they’re not! And let it be known… and clearly understood... we conservatives are not going to vote for a "liberal to moderate" Republican candidate just to save the country from Hillary Clinton! That is what "the powers that be" in the GOP are banking on, and betting on, and it is NOT going to happen!

We conservatives know who we are, and we know what we believe, and no amount of juggling semantics and mis-direction, by the GOP, will change that. It is a futile attempt by the liberal “blue-bloods” in the Republican Party, to “rescue” the party from the “Bozo’s”, “Bubbas”, “Rednecks”, and evangelical and fundamentalist “Holy Rollers”. For that is how they see conservatives in their own party. You see, they are embarrassed by those of us who find ourselves currently between Country Club memberships. They have conveniently forgotten it was the conservatives who SAVED the Republican Party from oblivion and delivered both Houses of Congress, and the Presidency, to the Republican Party. Instead, they have snubbed (and worse!) the conservatives in the party.

Back in 2006 conservatives warned the hierarchy of the GOP that if they did not return to conservative principals we would stay home in November of 2006 and hand the reins of power over to the Democrats. They didn’t believe us. The Democrat Party now controls the Congress.

The Republican Party is at a crossroads. They have to make a choice. Either, continue the current course… and “go the way of the Whigs” (GONE), or return to a “conservative course” and have the reins of power, in both Houses of Congress, returned to them. Conservatives have the power to do that.

On the other hand, I don’t see ANY move the Republican Party can make, at this late date, to save the Oval Office for a Republican in 2008. Like it, or not, that’s the way I see it.

The GOP is in DEEP trouble! The Party has wounded itself badly. It may be a mortal wound. That’s OK. If, as a result of the death of the Republican Party, we can develop a truly CONSERVATIVE PARTY, then I will happily send flowers to the GOP memorial service!

In the meantime, forget about this election. It’s over, already!


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