Monday, January 14, 2008

Global Warming Movement Changes Name!

Global Warming Movement Changes Name!

I had wondered what they were gong to do and how they would do it. And then it happened! Quietly, the Global Warming Movement changed its name to: The “Global Climate Change” movement.

Why? Well, they had to. The weather, you see, was not, and is not, cooperating. You remember the old saw: “It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.” don’t you?

Among the things almost impossible to do… is convince someone, who is not already brain dead, that the globe is heating up when that person is up to their armpits in snow and ice. Likewise, it is just as impossible to convince someone that Global Warming is creating Super Storm Hurricanes… when none appear. It is extremely difficult to convince folks that Global Warming is killing off the polar bears when, in fact, their population is growing. It is really, really, hard to convince people that something bad is going to happen because Greenland is thawing out. I mean… it is called “Greenland” for a reason! Convincing people that Global Warming is causing the ice pack at the North Pole to melt when, all the while, the ice pack at the South Pole is growing daily, well, that is just too, too, hard! Add to that the fact that Global Warming has occurred in the past, as a natural climate cycle, and GOOD THINGS HAPPENED as a result…. such as bumper crops, less illness and death, the human population grew and prospered… just to name a bare few.

Why, the Global Warming Community was red-faced! Every effort was made to save face including the awarding of world-renown prestigious awards to the high priest of the Global Warming Faith/Religion.

But the fact remained… the natives were restless. The great unwashed had begun to see through the fa├žade of fear used as a whip by the “faithful” to maintain order in the ranks of the believers. But it was not, and is not, working.

So, the enlightened, the "illuminati" of the Global Warming Community decided that Global Warming was too “specific” a term. They needed a “catch all” name…a name that would not lend itself to ridicule as easily as “Global Warming”. And they found it: “Global Climate Change”. One cannot argue with that name because, if fact, the climate is in a state of change 24 hours of every day anywhere, and everywhere, on the planet.

Nothing speaks more highly of the professionalism of a movement than it’s handling of propaganda created to inflate it’s own importance in the eyes of the world. Unless… it is the manner in which they create the other propaganda for the purpose of instilling fear in their fellow human beings. This they have done, so well, they have rendered the old nazi propaganda machine an amateur operation!

So now it is “The Global Climate Change Movement”. I think the new name is a bit grandiose… but then, who am I? Just a little ole country boy down here in the swamps of the southeastern United States, smack dab in the middle of Hurricane Alley. We don’t scare easily down here.

“Global Warming”, or “Global Climate Change”… it’s all “SOS”… the “Same Ole S**t!


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EdwardGula said...

Right on. What bugs the global climate change advocates the most is satellite temperature data. Green house effect requires the temperature change in the troposphere to be two to three times that measured on the earth's surface.The IPCC climate models include this effect, but the satellite data do not show it. Conclusion: the IPCC models are wrong and all the projections of future climate calamities are based on flawed computer models. The other conclusion is that the satellite temperature data is wrong. IPCC took this tack and made corrections to show a greater change. But all that accomplished was to show a slight warming, no way near the 2 to 3 times expected.See: