Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Police Officers Fired For TEA PARTY Membership?

Police Officers Fired For TEA PARTY Membership?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

We are receiving reports today that two police officers in a small east Texas town have been fired reportedly for their membership in a local Tea Party.

Read this report from the Lake Tawakoni Area News. You will find it here: (SOURCE)

Plus, there is this:
“The media, and most of Conservative America got their knickers in a twist over Juan Williams being fired by NPR, a case that was, in MY opinion, a libber reaping what he had sown, but if Conservative America can get involved and outraged over that, what will their reaction to this be?” … Texas Fred of the “Texas Fred Blog.” Read Fred’s entire article (HERE).

I worked as a conservative commentator for many years for an ownership and a board of directors who were, everyone, Democrats. For twenty years it was evident to everyone that my political philosophy was deeply anchored in conservatism. I made no secret of it on the air or off the air. In all that time I was never so much as queried about my comments by my bosses. Never. If my job was ever in jeopardy, I never knew it. THAT is the way it is supposed to be here in America.

Last time I looked, east Texas is still in America. I have family in Texas, and they sure as heck haven’t mentioned Texas’ secession from The Union recently.

This story is blazing around the blogosphere as we write. It is making its way to the Mainstream Media where it is likely to be ignored … as long as they possibly can, but eventually, they will be forced to acknowledge it.

Look, you cannot fire someone on account of his or her political affiliation. You must have another reason… a good reason … for termination.

Membership in, or affiliation with, the Tea Party Movement, or any political party, is the RIGHT of ALL AMERICANS. It is exercising one’s constitutional right of free speech guaranteed by the US Constitution.

Obviously, I am not a constitutional lawyer, but I have to ask if this could be viewed as a violation of the officer’s civil rights?

I am deeply afraid the scenario we are watching play out in this small east Texas town is what is in store for America if we do not clean house next Tuesday.

From “small town America” politics to national politics RAW POWER is the name of the game for the liberal-socialist democrats. THIS is what we have warned about over and over and over again.

Freedom is a precious thing. It is also a fragile thing. Once lost it is near impossible to regain.

As a country, we are at the precipice -- and we have had two reminders, in less than two weeks, of what this country will be like if we do not retake the reins of power from the power elite now in charge of our country from City Hall to the White House.

It is time for Americans who love freedom to plant their flags and state: “This far – and no farther!”

Remember this when you go to the polls on Tuesday.

J. D. Longstreet

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