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Is It Already Too Late For America?

Is It Already Too Late For America?

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Back in August of 2008 I wrote the following:

“When is America going to wake up? WILL she wake up? Will she wake up in time? Or, will time run out? We have been sliding down that slippery slope at an every increasing velocity since the 1960’s. We’re not losing our freedom. We’re not losing our country. No. We’re giving it all away.

We have compromised and compromised until we have little left TO compromise. Yet, we have two presidential candidates, right now, who are BOTH believers in compromise. They make a big deal of their willingness to compromise. What is needed is the testosterone to stand up on our two feet, like men, and shake our fist in the face of our enemies and say, NO MORE! This is it! We are done giving you what you want just to be left alone in our comfortable little cocoons.

The wolves have been gathering in an ever-tightening circle. They are closing in one step at a time. And we Americans don’t see it. Instead we continue to feed them while telling ourselves if we give them what they want they will be our friends. We have chosen to forget one of the laws of Nature. Wolves are what wolves are. They do what wolves do. Even a wolf, thought to be domesticated, is liable to turn and leap for the throat of the person who supposes he is the wolf’s master. Yes, wolves do as wolves have always done… because they ARE wolves.

America’s enemies are gathered against us. They are tightening the circle. Even now they are among us. Sadly, a look in the mirror will reveal the identity of America’s worst enemies.” (SOURCE)

At the time I wrote that dire prospective, America was nearing a Presidential Election …  an election that would fundamentally change our country for the worst.  It was an election, as it turned out, that has nearly destroyed, especially,  America’s Middle Class.

As we had warned, many times, neither of the men on the ballot would be good for America.  One would continue the (then) agenda of the current administration and the other would, most certainly, take the country into socialism and set America up to become a communist dictatorship. 

Many thought I could not be more wrong – and said so. Today, however, many of those people who derided my dark prognostications then, will not communicate with me today for their embarrassment.  They need not be embarrassed.  Being wrong is a part of the human condition.  But one of the traits that sets us above the other animals inhabiting the earth is our ability to learn from our mistakes -- and not repeat them.

Now we have the chance to put what we have learned in the past years of Obama’s Administration into practice.  We have a chance to right the wrong and to begin an American recovery.  I say “begin” because I am still not convinced Mr. Romney has the heft to do what is going to be necessary to reverse Americans deep plunge into Obama’s sewer of socialism and communism.  But he WOULD be a start.  And let’s not kid ourselves:  The scars of the Obama regime are deep and ugly and they will last forever.

Look.  Let’s be clear about this:  The mess we are in, as a nation, is going to take generations to neutralize.  I use the word “neutralize,” because first -- we must stop the slide into that sewer I mentioned above.  Then, and only then, can we begin to reverse ourselves and begin to claw our way upwards into the sunshine again.

I asked the question in the title:  Is it already too late for America?  I titled this piece that way because I think each of us, as Americans, must look in the mirror and ask the same question of ourselves.  For it is WE who will decide the answer.

I cannot tell you have often I have had friends, in recent years, remark to me:  “I don’t recognize this country, anymore.  This is not the America I knew.”  That is true.  But the thing I find most interesting about their depressed musing -- is the lack of bitterness and anger.  There was remorse in their words and tone, but none of that famed American determination aimed at correcting whatever had thrown America off course.  It is as if they have simply thrown in the towel, given up, and admitted defeat to themselves -- if not quite to others yet.  I am terribly afraid that the fire, for many, has gone out.

Understand:  The primary tool of the political left, all over the world, against those who do not hew to the leftist line, is to denigrate, degrade, rebuff, mock,  and hold up to public ridicule all those who do not think the way they do.  And when rhetoric fails, as we learned from the 1930’s, they quickly resort to physical abuse by leftist thugs.  We saw some of that in the 2010 political cycle right here in America.  Look for physical abuse to be more wide spread this year as we draw nearer to the Presidential Election. 

To answer my own question -- whether or not it is already too late for America – we will all know the answer to that in November.  If Obama wins – yes, it IS all over for America.  If his opponent wins, well, we have a chance, a small one at best -- but a chance, nevertheless, to save our country.

J. D. Longstreet

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