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What About Illegal Immigration?

What About Illegal Immigration?

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

It is time to get serious, my fellow conservatives.  We have eleven months, within which, to get this right.  The very existence of our country, as a free constitutional representative republic, hangs in the balance.

One issue I have yet to hear discussed at length, and in clarity, is the stance of the GOP candidates on illegal immigration.  Oh, it has been touched on from time to time, but not in depth.

The United States has been overrun with the greatest land invasion in history.  It is long past time to draw the line and bring the era of open borders to a screeching halt!  

As a conservative voter I want to know where, exactly, each candidate stands on fixing the massive problem of illegal immigration in America.

Now, don’t preach to me about America being a land of immigrants.  I am well aware of that fact.  My own family came into this country in 1789 through the port at Charles Town, South Carolina.  The entered the country legally.

Over the past few years there has been an endeavor by the political left in America, with the complete cooperation of the Mainstream Media, to confuse the issue of Illegal Immigration.

If you pay attention to such things, you may recall the media and the left suddenly began referring to illegal immigrants as “undocumented workers” (or immigrants).  After awhile they dropped that term in favor of just plain “immigrants.” 

It was, and is, clearly a scheme borrowed from the Communist Party to “reeducate” the citizenry so as to cloud the issue and make it much easier to lead the people of the US in the way in which the Democratic Party wants them/us to go.  Frankly, it is disgusting and insulting to me to have anyone assume my intelligence is such that they can manipulate me through cheesy tricks and slight of hand.  But the plain truth is – many Americans fall for leftist propaganda every day. (Then they fall victim to leftist rule.)

We have reminded you that those entering the United States illegally are criminals. From the moment their feet touch US soil they are scofflaws, criminals. 

Look.  It is clear the Democratic Party has, at every opportunity; made it plain that they endorse illegal entry into the US. Once the illegal aliens are here, they are bathed in government largesse -- at the expense of US taxpayers -- and they are encouraged, in exchange, to show their appreciation for all the money and services slathered on them by supporting the Democratic Party.  And it has worked.  Heck, it always works!  

We on the right warned America this was happening but there seemed to be very little concern.  So, we began to refer to the illegal aliens as “undocumented democrats.”  We think that more clearly defines whom, exactly, they are.  Of course, that infuriated the left -- as the truth usually does.

The federal government, under Democratic Party control, brought their considerable weight down on states like Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina, and others when those states sought to exercise their power as sovereign states to get a handle on the illegal immigration within the borders of their states.  It is, some believe, raw abuse of power by the Obama Administration. 

If we had anyone in Washington today who knew the history of this country, they would recognize that the Obama Administration is creating the very same atmosphere between the federal government and the states that existed just before the country split apart and went to war with itself in 1861.  Just as the federal government caused that war, they are again pushing the states into a corner and creating a powder keg with a lit fuse that will most certainly explode into another conflagration, which could easily dissolve the union. 

It is a dangerous game the Obama Administration is playing.  Their arrogance has apparently blinded them to the consequences of bringing the mailed fist of federal power down own their own people. 

The Obama Administration must be held accountable this November at the ballot box.  Barring that, I dare not predict the course individual states may take to right the wrongs done them by the current administration.  However, only a fool would expect a placid reaction from the angry people of the various states undeniably wronged by the arrogant power wielders of Washington.

The Republican candidates need to make absolutely clear that closing and sealing the border between Mexico and the US is their number one priority.  They should declare, right now, their intention to send federal troops to patrol the border with everything the US military has until such a time as a barrier can be erected from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico.  Those troops should have the approval of the Commander-in-Chief to use lethal force to assure the security of the border. If they desire the support of conservatives, such as myself, they will also declare no amnesty, in any form, for those inside the US illegally.  A continuous round up of illegal aliens already in the US should be initiated immediately by placing a bounty on illegal aliens.  

And while they are at it, all federal funding to sanctuary cities should be immediately, and completely, cut off.  Then, and only then, will those inside this country illegally know that the US government has gotten serious about stopping illegal entry into the US.

If the republican candidates wish me to seriously consider them for President, then they would be well advised to make public their plans for dealing with this massive problem and I suggest they should adopt much, if not all, of my suggestions above.

J. D. Longstreet

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