Monday, December 11, 2006

America Forced to Use it’s Nuclear Arsenal!

We have a serious problem in America which has been created by the Leftists and which will change the course of history.

The Leftist Media, otherwise known as the Mainstream Media, and the Leftist in the US government, and those leftists in the general population of the US, have painted our war fighters into something of a corner. The media has lead a generation of Americans to believe than losing lives in a war is totally unacceptable. Every soldier who has worn the uniform knows that is unrealistic, but the fact is that, these days, if a war lasts more than three weeks and there is one American causality, the Leftist begin beating the “run”, “run”, “retreat”, “surrender”, drum and they will not stop until our military has to leave the battlefield dishonored, and shamed, for the rest of their lives.

It is also unrealistic to believe than America will not be challenged in the future and must defend herself on the battlefield. But the question is… how does the military do that while keeping the war down to a matter of days… and… with zero casualties.

The answer?

Our Nuclear Arsenal!

In the future, when America goes to war, the war will last but a few hours and there will be no US casualties. We’ll just lob a few Nukes and come home. No big deal. Hell, we won’t even have to deploy our troops. Just a couple of pilots, or nuclear laden drones, or nuclear cruise missiles will do the job. We will fight the entire war in a matter of a few hours, at the longest.


We have a serious, serious, problem, in America, with a deluded populace which has been taught the "BS" in our “government schools” about self-esteem but are as "dumb as fence posts" when it comes to the real world we live in. Our leftist teachers, and professors, have been successful, beyond their wildest dreams, and they have created, and given, America an entire generation of “defeatist socialists” who will fall to the ground and assume the fetal position when challenged.

I think Ben Franklin was right. We should remove the American eagle from everything American and replace it with the American TURKEY! We act, these days, as if we have about as much sense as the turkey, which is one of the dumbest animals God has created so far!

So, get ready for the mushroom clouds! They’re coming. We have no choice. Americans will not allow their military to fight conventional wars anymore.

You might want to practice your “duck and cover” drills too, for it is a fact that when your enemy is in range of YOUR guns you are in range of his!



Frank said...

Maybe an army of roboric wariors? Technology could be there. How about genetically enhance human wariors? or maybe a combination of the two... Cyborg-Human? We could creat a whole race just for the purpose of Imperialistic world domination..... That would be awesome, think I'll get right on it. If the anti-science right wing nuts would get their strangled hold off of science, who knows what is possible.

Longstreet said...

I'm not interested in any of that, Frank. Like my Confederate ancesfors, all I want is to be left the hell ALONE. If I could, I'd put a wall around the US with a damn moat. However, the problem is the same as it has been since day one. Those envious of us, and hateful of us, continue to come after us, or our interests abroad. As a result we have to be, we MUST be ready to wage war in such a manner that the rest of the world is convinced that to attack the US means certain death.

After the fiasco in Iraq, they now know the US is a paper tiger and can be attacked at will. You can bet they will come after us, now, as never in our history.

Best regards,


Jenn of the Jungle said...

This sums it all up perfectly.

"After the fiasco in Iraq.....You can bet they will come after us, now, as never in our history."

Oh yeah, and we have only ourselves and our own freakin' media to blame. Our own media has sold us down the river. Stuck us up poop creek without a paddle.