Monday, December 18, 2006

Barack Hussein Obama's Ears!

What's wrong with Barack Hussein Obama's ears, huh?

I mean, hold on here! Some things are sacrosanct and big ears is one of them!

I am one of the fortunate few who have, shall we say, abundant ears. In size, I mean. Actually the size isn't any different from the norm. However, their propensity to stand out from the head reminds an onlooker of two parabolic antennae "SETI" might be using to search for signals from outer space! I mean... when I was born my parents debated whether I would walk or FLY!

Look, we all have some physical feature, or features, about ourselves that we don't like. Hell, I have a pugilist's nose. A BIG HONKER, I have. It has been flattened so many times boxing, and just plain fist-fighting, that it will move around like a blob of jello. See, I had this problem growing up. Small size and a big mouth! A dangerous combination where I grew up. My big mouth kept getting me into trouble and my small stature kept getting me beat to a pulp! My nose seems to have taken the worst of it, though, and the damage still shows.

Now, where is all this leading... right back to Barack Hussein Obama's ears. (Yes... "Hussein" is his correct middle name! Why do you suppose the MSM has gone out of it's way to hide that fact? Huh?. I mean, there is another Hussein to be "hanged by the neck until dead" next month, isn't there?)

There are a lot of things I don't like about Mr. Obama... but, I hasten to add that his ears are not one of them. Mr. Obama's political philosophy worries me way more than his ears. I mean, his ears are balanced. He has one on each side... the left side and the right side. Unfortunately his political philosophy has only one side... the left side.

What makes me think he is a leftists? Well, the folks over at "Opinionnation Times" put it this way:

"Mr. Obama is somewhat fanatical about allowing abortions and does, in fact, support the grotesque and inhumane practice of partial birth abortion. He also abstained from the Parental Notification Act. And when it came to the Supreme Court he voted against both of the well-qualified nominees, Samuel Alito and John Roberts. He also voted against John Bolton, the Ambassador to the UN. Not to mention, as reported here at Opinionnation Times, Barack claimed that it was the media’s "job" to expose NSA secrets. He basically falls in line with the Democratic Party but in some cases, as seen with his support for partial birth abortion, he is more extreme than the average moderate."

Read the entire article at:

Nope, a moderate, Barack Hussein Obama ain't!

Want to know more? Then visit "The Creative Conservative" at:

And while we're on the topic of Obama's ears, we have a word of advice for him: Forget your ears! Get past the sensitivity toward remarks ridiculing them. (Until Mr. Obama, himself, mentioned his ears, frankly, I hadn't noticed!)

See, the thing is... a grown-up takes his "knocks" and learns from them. He allows adversity to act as a crucible in which his real self is formed. Learn to laugh at one's self! One of the saddest things in life is to meet another human being who is so serious about himself, or herself, that they fail to see the humor in their inadequacies. That person is set up to be a target for all the "slings and arrows of misfortune" rather than use one's sense of humor as a shield to deflect those incoming darts. Someone said: "A person is never so empty as when he is full of himself". I wish I could remember the author.

All of us are sensitive about something or other. The measure of a man, or a woman, is how he, or she, handles such an inadequacy. We either learn from it, and deal with it, in an acceptable manner, or allow it to harm us forever.

Mr. Obama, sir, I disagree with your politics, but I think your ears are just grand!



Frank said...

I reckon it may make him a better listener..... As far as appearances go I give him an A+ next to Bush (either one of the Georges or Clown like Laura or fat Barbra). Or their trampy daughters.....

hurryinhoosier said...

You're a bitter,little sawed-off
twerp today,aren't you?
Ear size DOES NOT make you a better
listener: life experience makes you
a better listener. I saw a bio on
Mr Obama this past weekend. He had
a VERY unstable upbringing. I have to wonder how much that affects his thought process. Oh,by the way,
Hoosiers are taught the Bill of Rights in the 3rd grade along with
Indiana history. Condescension will
get YOU nowhere with me!Capise?
Frank,YOU are decidedly a paradox.
An old friend of mine had a saying
"Adversity builds character". It
sounds like you would fit into this
catagory,also. As for noses, mine has been broken 5 times (none in fights: sawed-off twerps can't reach that far without a ladder). I have to agree with you on Mr. Obama's ears. If he is THAT sensitive,He shouldn't be in politics. I heard the audio from that interview. If it wasn't a threat,I'm NOT sitting here!

Frank said...

You're a bitter,little sawed-off
twerp today,aren't you?
Ear size DOES NOT make you a better
listener: life experience makes you
a better listener.
Go off your meds again hoosier? Sheez it was a joke...... I thought you were the guy in the cell phone comercial with the sergically altered "elf ears".
Never had my nose, or any other bone broken..... must be blessed I guess. I bet it would feel a little uncomfortable.
Bet I could reach your nose without a ladder..... (sarcasm on)If only I could reach that pea-sized.... (sarcasm off) Peace to you ole fella this holiday season.....