Sunday, December 31, 2006

Second Anniversary of INSIGHT on Freedom!

Just a note:

Today marks the second anniversary of “INSIGHT on Freedom”. It has been a bumpy two years and an exciting two years. I have met and spoken with people from all over the globe. It has been very gratifying... to say the least.

So, we here at IoF, would like to express our deep appreciation for those of you who keep coming back to this site to see what the resident “NUT” has to say each day. It is you who keep us going.

And for the record, it doesn’t matter whether I agree with you, or not…. or whether you agree with me… or not. What is important is... that we are able to exchange ideas, and express ourselves, within the bounds of good taste, with little or no government interference. That is priceless.

So, as we push ahead, into another year, we want to thank you all… and wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

and the staff of INSIGHT on Freedom


Pat in NC said...

Happy Birthday Longstreet and a very Happy New Year!

Longstreet said...

Thank you, Pat! And HAPPY New Year to you and yours!

Frank said...

Congrats..... Sir! It's been fun

Longstreet said...

THANKS! ... And YES, it has been fun!