Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bring on the Government Gridlock... PLEASE!!!

Government Gridlock is a GOOD thing!

I was thinking, just the other day, what a wonderful thing Government Gridlock is. It brightened my day, decidedly, when I realized that once again we are headed for the blessed relief of gridlock in both houses of the Congress. The only time I feel completely safe, as an American, is when the Congress is in recess... and the second most safe time for American citizens is when the government is in gridlock.

A productive Congress means more laws... and more laws means... more regulations on the people of the country. It also means more money is needed to keep the government in a financial position to enforce those new laws and to finance the everyday operations of the various agencies that must be funded to enact and enforce those new laws. That, of course means even more money is needed, therefore more taxes are levied on the American taxpayers... and the cycle continues. Big government only gets bigger. But... when gridlock occurs, the growth of government is brought to a screeching halt . And that, Dear Reader, is always good news!

You can read more on government gridlock in the post "In Praise of Gridlock" at “” .

... And already I am tired of hearing the word “Bipartisan” tossed around. Bipartisan means absolutely nothing, and shouldn't, in today’s Congress. If one loves government gridlock, as I do, then one cannot have both bipartisan AND gridlock. When everybody agrees with everybody else, that’s bipartisan(ship) and THAT is the most effective curb on gridlock. So, I am not interested in bipartisanship. I want the GOP to fight the Democrats at every turn. Get down and dirty, wrestling in the aisles of the House and Senate, as in olden days, if needs be.

We have a nation absolutely divided and when it comes to "law making" that is a good thing! When each side must consider the other side seriously, that is a good thing, too, for America.

Government gridlock is as American as apple pie... (which, I believe is actually Dutch, or German?). The Founders wrote it into the rules for the conduct of business by the bicameral Congress. Think about it: Two parties, at least, which drives everyone mad. Filibusters, Presidential vetoes, 60 vote majorities in the Senate, etc, etc. The Founders set the US government up for gridlock as a safety valve to protect the governed... you and me. As long as we have gridlock, the government will serve the people. Without the threat of gridlock, the citizens serve the government.

I have noticed that the TV media, especially, where youth and good looks are at a premium rather than age and sagacity, almost NEVER gets the story on Government gridlock right. They actually believe it is government's business to spend money and raise taxes. The truth is, it is just the opposite. But when a Congress does not pass a massive hopper full of laws then the Media attaches the name of a "Do Nothing Congress" on them". Often, doing nothing is the exact right thing TO do!

Someone has said the government gridlock is another of those checks and balances The Founders intentionally created to slow down government intrusion into our lives. I'm all for that!


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