Sunday, December 31, 2006

Conservatives are concerned over the war in Iraq, too!

(This Post First Ran in August of 2006!)
Conservatives are concerned over the war in Iraq, too!


Trust me when I tell you that Conservatives in America are not satisfied with the prosecution of the war in Iraq. We haven’t been happy with it in a long while now. That said, however, our concern is quite different from that of our liberal brethren and sisteren.

You see, we want the war fought as a war… and not a Sunday School class!

We have just had a very public demonstration of what happens when you try to fight a war with kid gloves. When you try not to hurt the opposition, when you try to be fair and equitable in causalities. In other words, if the enemy kills two of your men, you should only kill two of his men! Ridiculous!

For our friends in the media, Hizbollah’s; condemnation of Israel for fighting too hard is not the first time we have heard that refrain. The American left has been beating the Bush Administration, and the US military, about the head and shoulders, with the willing assistance of the left leaning media, in this country, and the world, right from the outset of the war in Afghanistan right through the current phase of the war in Iraq. And you see what it has gotten us! A mess! The same thing it got Israel.

As I said, Conservatives are not satisfied with the prosecution of this war. We want it to be far more aggressive than it has been. We want our troops to flatten Iraq. We want our troops to kill as many of the Islamofacists as it is humanly possible to do. We want an unrelenting steamroller of war bent on the destruction of everything before it. We want the enemy completely wiped out, decimated and taught a lesson. Go against the US and you will suffer as no human being has suffered before… in the history of the world. Then, and only then, can we load up our troops on our planes, and ships, and bring them home.

If the US continues on this half-assed way of war fighting, we will still be slogging away at those at those empty-headed Islamo freaks, until kingdom come, with no particularly noticeable effect. In other words, pretty much what we have today.

Our good friends, in Israel, have experienced it first hand. It now appears they are not prepared to have that happen again. There will, most likely, be changes at the top, in both their top military echelons and political echelons. And there should be.

Israel has approximately 6 million inhabitants. The Arabic nations surrounding them contain some 650 million, not counting Jordan and Egypt. Count those two nations and the Arabic count goes to 250 million Arabs, and Persians, to, as we said, roughly 6 million Israelis. The point of all these numbers is to point out the sheer idiocy of trying to fight a “kid gloves” war with their enemies, any of their enemies.

I do not understand the lack of will on the part of the US government to understand the importance of “peace through victory”. We are fighting an enemy bent on world domination. The Islamofacists are no less a threat to America than the Nazis of World War II were. Quite possibly, the Islamofacists are worse than the Nazis.

One thing is for sure. This war will not stay away from our shores. It’s coming… as surely as night follows day. It is only a matter of time. So, if we do not use the full potential of our armed forces against them in Iraq and in Afghanistan, to blunt their coming attack on our homeland, we are in for a rude awakening of the worst possible kind.

America is a sitting duck. We have a target painted on our back and the Islamofacists are aiming directly at it.


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