Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hands Off Africa! We Can’t Afford It!!!!

(Editor's Note:
With the Left's desire to pull US forces out of the Middle East, where there is clearly a US Interest, and turn them toward the Dark Continent, where there is NO discernable US Interest, we must guard against the incoming Leftist Government of the US embroiling the US in a true quagmire... Africa!)


(This Post First Ran in July of 2005!)

Hands off Africa! We can’t afford it.

Why, suddenly, is the world so interested in Africa? (ie: Darfur)

Let’s face it; Africa is loaded with natural resources... from diamonds, and gold, to that black gold, oil.

Until recently, Africa has been written off as a “lost cause” with no hope of salvation, at least by the western world. Now there is renewed interest in the welfare of Africa. This is suspiciously sudden!

Africa has been feeding on itself since the last days of Colonialism. They have shown a marked inability to govern themselves or even to shed the “tribal” state of mind for the common good. As a result they have remained in a perpetual state of unrest and turmoil. Black dictators and demigods rule some of the worse off African nations. There is no end in sight. Maybe the west was correct to pull out and leave them to their own devices.

Look, if we get sucked into that morass of chaos, we may never be able to free ourselves. Pouring money into Africa is like pouring water into a bottomless pit. There will never be enough to fill it up. If Europe wants to take on this burden, then by all means the US should let them. But, the US should keep a hands-off” policy towards Africa.

The “Dark Continent” remains dark primarily because the knowledgeable Africans have gotten out. Many have come to Europe, and the States, for an education… and stayed. As a result, the best, and brightest Africans are here, in the States, and in Europe. Some have called it a massive “Brain Drain”. That might be an apt description.

I have thought many time we should re-institute Colonialism in Africa. The problem is, as it was then, the cost. No single nation can afford the drain on its treasury that the rescue of Africa will cost. Belgium, France, Great Britain, The Dutch, none of these can afford it. The combined wealth of the west can not save Africa.

Only Africa can save Africa. Only when Africans come to realize their only hope is to pull themselves together, shape-up, and join the modern world, will they even have a chance of succeeding.

Until then, Africa is lost.


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