Friday, December 01, 2006

US Exit from Iraq Likely Temporary!

Come on. Let’s face it. The Iraqi military is as good as they are going to get! Of course, there will be individual exceptions, but, by and large, they have maxxed out in military expertise.

Now, I rarely speak for anyone else, but, I’d bet that if our troops could talk to the American public, off the record, they’d tell you the same thing. Just recall how our troops went through the best Iraq had during the original invasion and that will give you some idea of how bad the Iraqi military really is. And, sadly, as I said above, they aren’t going to get any better.

So, the US has a really big problem. If we are to predicate our leaving on the date the Iraqi military is prepared to replace US troops as the “marshals” of the nation of Iraq, then we’d better prepare to stay there for many decades.

Now, don’t get me wrong… as insurgents and guerilla fighters they are fairly good. But in a stand-up, man-to-man, slugfest, they won’t show up, or… if they do show up… they will head for parts unknown at the earliest opportunity. Given their proclivity to drop to the ground and assume the fetal position at the sound of gunfire… I repeat, the US has a very big problem.

Seems to me we have a couple of options… maybe three.One is to simply forget about the Iraq military and get aggressive with the insurgents. Send in more troops to Iraq and begin a campaign of attrition in the south and move thru the entire country to the northern border. Flatten everything that presents an obstacle, and kill anything, or anyone, who resists. Upon reaching the northern border, US troops should turn around and proceed south with the same modus operendi as that of their northern maneuver. Repeat and repeat as necessary.

The second option is one I do not support ... and that is to assign US troops to fight with the Iraqis, much as we did in Vietnam. I think that is an horrendous idea and would result in an increase in the American KIA’s.

The final option is one I do not like but is beginning to look more likely by the day. Leave. Go home.

Now, let’s be frank. Sooner or later US troops will leave Iraq. I think it is realistic to believe that as soon as US troops leave the country the democratic government will collapse and the country will be in worse condition than it was before we got there. There is a strong likelihood that Iran and Syria will move on Iraq, from both sides, and claim Iraq for their own. (Is it just me, or does anbody else see the irony in talks between the US, Iran, and Syria? I mean... those countries are our enemies! For the US to even agree to hold talks with them, about anything, raises them to the level of the US... and THAT is what they covet!. Dumb! Dumb!)

So, here’s another solution and one I don’t believe will ever see the light of day, but I’d bet money the Pentagon has certainly looked into the possibility. Install another dictator, one who would be our puppet.

It seems to me the Iraqis do better, as a people, under a “strongman dictator” than they do under a democratic regime. You see, democracy dictates (no pun intended) that one take responsibility for one’s self and obey the laws and act, basically, as responsible citizens. The Iraqis haven’t known that kind of governing in their history. They understand a strongman dictator will bring them pain if they misbehave. And, like children, they go along to, basically, save their lives! This they understand! Apparently some people cannot handle freedom. Sad, but it certainly appears to be true of the Iraqis.

Now, I know this is not a pleasant topic and it certainly is not one we want to admit, but we are getting down (as we used to say in the South) to "the short rows". The decision on the departure of American military forces is very nearly a fait accompli. It is going to happen.

Do I think the war could have been handled better? Oh, Yes! I felt right from the beginning that we were not aggressive, and assertive, enough. I don’t like “nation building”. I especially don’t like having American troops involved in nation building. That kind of activity dulls the sharp edge of our fighting troops.

I particularly don’t like exporting and imposing American Style Democracy. American Style Democracy is won at the point of a gun and is paid for in the blood of those seeking that democracy. And that, Dear Reader, is the difference.

In Iraq, we have given them a democratic form of government. Some would say we have imposed it upon them. No matter, it is of little value and, many of us believe, it will last only as long as the American occupation.

I supported the Invasion of Iraq... and I still do. I also support a pre-emptory strike against Iran to take out, or do as much damage as possible to, their nuclear capabilities. If, and when, we do strike Iran, I do not support occupying the country. Strike them, again, and again, until the job is done. Or go back and strike them again. Make the price of nuclear weapons so high Iran will decide not to proceed.

And, please, Pentagon, get the lawyers off the battlefields! Fighting a "politically correct war" has cost us troops we didn’t have to lose. If we have any more “fighting generals” left, give them command… and get out of the way!

As you can see, I have very little faith in a democratic future for Iraq. Worse, I see very little chance that US troops have paid their last visit to Iraq. As long as the Middle Eastern countries attempt to export their religious fascism to the rest of the world, we will have no choice but to make every effort to stop them.

Make no mistake! We will leave Iraq, soon. But, we WILL be back!


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