Friday, December 15, 2006

Is a One World Government Inevitable???

Is a One World Government even possible???

It certainly looks that way! at least it does if you buy into the theory of how good a one world government would be for the world. I do not.

Let me clear about this: I hate the very thought of a one world government! Period!

I rather like being an American. I can’t stomach the idea of being forced to give that up to satisfy some centralized one world government which couldn’t find it’s own rear-end with both hands and a bird dog!

There is a train of thought which goes something like this: If the US, Mexico, and Canada are successful in creating the North American Union (and they are having one success after another, right now) then once the NAU is established, soon afterwards there will be a movement to combine the EU with the NAU. And that, Dear Reader, is about as close to a one-world government as we are likely to get, at least, for the foreseeable future. With the Islamofacists continuing to kick against the pricks of the world, a one-world government will be in a constant state of war.

Of course we have options. One is to allow the Islamofacists to be successful and establish their worldwide caliphate... and that would be a one-world government. A Theocracy, to be sure, but it WOULD be a one-world government. The other option is for Americans to fight like hell to remain an independent nation!

To those of us who oppose a one-world government I suppose it sounds hopeless. Well, plainly put, to some degree, it is hopeless. Once the juggernaut gets up a head of steam there will be no stopping it. It has already begun with the European Union and the proposed North American Union. The point is, the “powers that be” are certainly going to try to create that one world government.

Now, hold on, take a breath and lets see what faces an attempt at a one-world government.

Now first off... we know the Islamic nations will not willingly become a part of a one-world government. (Certainly not one which is not of their own making!) And… what about the continents of Africa and South America? Both are hotbeds of communism and socialism. The only way communism will become a part of a one world government is... if they rule!

The logical step would be for the Islamofacists, the Socialists, and the Communists to combine… as they each reflect some of the ideology of the others, anyway.

So, out the window goes the “One World Government Idea”. A more realistic idea, of what the global politics would look like, is, I think, a politically bi-polar world…in other words… a Two-Government World.

Seems to me, the only way to have a true one world government would be for the “would be” one world government to conquer all the nations outside their government and colonize them much as the Western European nations did during the colonization period of World history.

Anyway you parse it, creating and controlling a one world government, on this little planet, would be akin to herding cats. If you have ever owned just one cat… you know it cannot be done!

For the moment I see it as incumbent upon the citizens of America to do everything they can to defeat the proposed North American Union. It’s the beginning, at least in this hemisphere, of that dreaded one world government. We need to nip it in the bud… NOW!



Frank said...

Sir, once our government misleaders signs the documents, and enters into the treaties we are screwed. "Islamofacists" won't be a problem, if Saudi Arabia wants to keep oil usefull to the one world economy they will have to join or be phased out.... Africa you say, they will join just for the world aid to their starving. U.N. will be gone you will just have the W.T.O. calling all the shots, if you don't like the U.N. you will hate commerce dictating world policy even more.... You will get a new minimum wage, a Global minimum wage, it is what all of us will be earning, your grandchildren and their children. Unions will be gone, You'll love that. Medical coverage, forget it, it's cheaper to put dead workings in the ground and replace them than it is to "Fix" them. I suppose those that are brave will take up an armed resistance and attack government entities and global corporate interests as resitance or freedom fighters, but will be dubbed terrorists, or radicals, or communists. In the end we will be squashed by a global army, and turn to just dropping out of sight, living underground and hunting and gathering (stealing) to survive. Have a happy holiday season ole frined I'm sure you will ponder this well into next year. If battle lines are drawn, wher will the masses stand? Can we get one third? You figure a third for a rebellion, a third against (brainwashed by corporate media), and a third too stupid to know the difference. All I know is standing at the gate of hell I will spit my last breath with all that I am at the whole concept of being an autonomon in a 1 world facist government. We should have been stopping the "NAFTA Highway" now, but no one cares.

Longstreet said...

I agree. Now do you see why I continue to push the idea that man must colonize the stars ... and it MUST be private enterprize which does it and funds it? (It must be free of government influence!)I say this at the risk of being lumped in with the tinfoil hat crowd.

Everyday we see history repeat itself as it mirror the time of the Pilgrims who felt they, too, must leave and start anew.

I think the first ship to strike out, in search of a new home for man, should certainly be named "The Mayflower"!

I won't live to see any of this. But it's coming.

Frank said...

I agree. Now do you see why I continue to push the idea that man must colonize the stars ... and it MUST be private enterprize which does it and funds it? (It must be free of government influence!)I say this at the risk of being lumped in with the tinfoil hat crowd.
Sometime running isn't going to do it and you must turn and fight, I only hope if my blood is spilled it is spilled for a glorious cause, my name may be forgotten but the result of my actions must live forever. I just hope there are enough that feel as I do.... You want private business to take you to the stars, it is private business that is merging our government and promotes a global economy, they sir have become the enemy. Not the "mom and pops" sir the mega corporations, the "walmarts" and drug companies, defense contractors to governments, all merging coporate and governmental powers true facism at it's core.... FDR said, "When coporate powers are greater than that of the elected state, that in essence is facism".

Longstreet said...

I disagree. Sometimes you have to cut your losses. Our forefathers were not running from... but running to! There's a whale of a difference.

If we want to spread out in the universe, and if we want to create a new society, then it will have to be done privately. Our current government(s) will only perpetuate what we have now.

I was not nessasarily referring to "Business" when I said private enterprize. No doubt, they will want in because of the raw materials most likely to be had on distant planets.

A new society would have to be governed. Anarchcy would doom it before it's birth without a government of some kind. A good plan would be to set a government up fashioned after the original constitution of the US BEFORE the Civil War. Up to then, the people had the power. Afterwards the government had, and continues to have, the power. (If you ever get the chance to read the constitution of the Confederate States, you might change your way of thinking about what that war was REALLY about!)

I know I'm blowing smoke now. But, at some point in the future, we are going to venture off this planet and colonize something, somewhere! It would be well to have as much pre-planning done, as possible, before we launch.

I hope you can tell I'm itching to go! As I said, I'll be long gone when that day arrives. But, hell, I can dream!

Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

Good point. One world government would be near impossible to implement.

I think you know my view on the EU. It take us six months to agree on the seating arangements for the near EU summit. Most Americans would be horrified by the power the EU has over its citizens. The EU Commission is unelected but has the power to pass laws which have to be ratified by member states - the most unaccountable government on the planet.

The NAU, like the EU is a great idea if you are the poorer partner in the union. I cannot see Mexico objecting too much. What you end up with is a socialist union where the distribution of wealth from the more wealthier countries supports the failing economies. However, when the economies become more balanced the poorer countries still demand the money; The EU is virtually funded by the UK, France and Germany.

At least the EU has put an end to our habit of going to war with each other with alarming regularity.

Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

in that image of the one dollar bill's backside you put on this post are the words NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM - in Latin that means "New Order of the Ages"

A one world government must be controlled militarily, and no one would accept that - unless everyone desired the one world government, but that would never happen unless the people most against it (those of the Christian Faith) are done away with or somehow silenced - - - that is why the true globalization of Earth will not complete its formation until after the Christian Rapture - - - but steps are being taken now to prepare for that. Amazing how the obvious goes unnoticed.

hurryinhoosier said...

I think it is inevitable,Longstreet.
St. John prophesied of it in the
Book of Revelations. I believe,however,that there will be
true patriots here in the US and
in other nations that will fight
one-world government to their last breath.