Saturday, December 30, 2006

Is Hillary’s Presidential Campaign Over? Could Be!

(This Post First Ran In May of 2006!)
Is Hillary’s Presidential Campaign Over? Could Be!


The Democrat party has been very nervous, for many months now, wondering what they would do if Hillary actually won the nomination of their party to be their candidate for President. Support was noticeable soft among the rank and file Democrats. The very thought of the daily Clinton scandals, for another four years, was/is almost too much to bear. Allowing Bill back inside the White House, in ANY office, was/is a nightmare for the majority of the Democrat Party.

Now that the “Clown Prince” of their party has re-emerged as a possible candidate, they are beside themselves with joy and relief. The left –wing media, read the Mainstream Media, sprinted to see which would be the first to lift up Al Gore and gently nudge Hillary to the rear of the pack. This was a not so gentle reminder that she, Hillary, was only a “stand-by” candidate in the event someone, even more left of center than she is, would step into the breech. Someone did. Al Gore is back! And the fawning has begun!

The folks at “The American Thinker” have a terrific piece on this at:

We recommend you click on the address above and read their thoughtful piece.

So, how will Gore stack up against McCain. Frankly, as a Conservative, I don’t care. I could not, in good conscious, vote for either of them, (let alone sleep at night after having done my country such a disservice)!

If McCain is the Republican candidate, watch for “write-ins” galore. I mean, even a debate between both Gore and McCain, on stage together, could not establish a difference between them. Both hail from the left wing of their parties and both deserve to lose. I can think of no better cure for insomnia that a Gore/ McCain debate (?).

Hopefully, after the drubbing the Republicans are going to get this November, the RNC will wake up in time to recognize their Conservative base has left the building!

2008 is the best shot the Dems have of electing a far left wing candidate, a real “space cadet”, and it sure looks like they are gearing up to do just that!

As far as the Republicans are concerned, now that the “blue bloods” and the “country club set” and the “RINOS” have managed to drive the conservatives from the party, I wonder what they think they will be able to do with the party. I have a hint for them! Lose! And then LOSE some more. It’s back to the good ole days of second-class citizen in the Congress for the GOP.

What a waste!

This would be funny… if it weren’t so serious!


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