Saturday, December 09, 2006

Carolinians Might Get to Vote Against John Edwards... AGAIN!!

(This Post first ran in September of 2005!)

A Chance to Vote Against John Edwards Again?
John Edwards is still campaigning. This time for President. If would seem Mr. Edwards only stopped long enough to change shirts and launched immediately into his 2008 Presidential Campaign before the Kerry/Edwards “train wreck” had stopped smoking!

He is becoming a frequent visitor to the state of Iowa. In 2008 the Iowa precinct caucuses will open the nominating season for Presidential candidates.

Somehow, Mr. Edwards has completely missed the message American sent in 2004. The American electorate knows his name and, what’s even more important and telling, they know his politics and his policies. It cost Mr. Edwards, and Mr. Kerry, the election in 2004. The unfortunate truth, for Mr. Edwards is, that his message did get out. Americans did hear it and they rejected it.

Nothing much has changed as far as the electorate is concerned. They are prepared to reject Mr. Edwards and his message… again. I would point out that his home state of South Carolina and his adopted home state of North Carolina (BOTH!) rejected Mr. Edwards and Mr. Kerry in 2004. Neither of those two states is prepared to vote for him… if given a second chance in 2008

Tar Heels are still angry over what is perceived as his personal ambition to be President when he ran for the US Senate the first time. We are convinced that the bulk of the six years he was in Washington, to represent the state of North Carolina, he was representing himself, positioning himself for a run at the top spot in American politics. That speaks volumes about him… none of it good.

So, he has not given up his quest for the holy grail of American politics. Mr. Edwards has about as much chance of corralling the Democratic nomination for President as a snowball has in Hades in August. That is… if Hillary decides to claim the prize. And she will. The Democratic nomination is hers. All she has to do is nod her acceptance.

Ah well, Mr. Edwards, maybe in 2012? How about 2016. Huh?



Frank said...

Kerry/Edwards actually did win like B=Gore won in 2000, all the voting machine Shannanigans in ohio won it for Adolph Bushinstein. Edwards is a real person and appears to be geniune in his nature unlike alot of candidates.

Longstreet said...

He has spent a lot of years learning how to give just that impression. He fooled the people of this state ONE time. We hired him to go to DC amd represent us in the US Senate. For six years, rather than represent NC, he was out trying to set himself up to run for Presideent. He had one of the lowest attendance records of any Senator in Washington. He completly screwed the people of this state and we will not forget it.

Frank, I'm trying to save you some hurt here. This guy is trouble spelled with a capital "T"! Don't go near him!