Thursday, December 14, 2006

Has the Next US Recession Already Begun?

There are those among us who believe the next recession in the United States has already begun and that the dollar is on the verge of collapse.

Me? About the only thing I know about money is how to make it... and how to spend it. Unfortunately, I am far more skilled at spending it than making it, or saving it!

Fortunately for us, there are experts on financial matters who study these things... and they are nervous. One of those experts believes the US entered it's new recession in February of this year (2006). Some believe the Federal Reserve is in a corner. It must hold the interest rate at 5-1/4 percent. If it raises the rate the Housing Market will crash... and if it lowers the rate... the dollar, itself, will collapse! Pretty serious stuff.

If the experts are correct, and the economy has, indeed, slowed, there is some thought that the Fed will be forced to lower rates, after the first of the year, to help steady the economy. If this prediction turns out to be correct ... then the dollar could take a nose dive. If the dollar dives... it will take the stock market right along with it. If the stock market plunges, so will the economy.

Now here comes the clincher:

Remember a few weeks back we talked about the "DOLLAR" being replaced by the "AMERO"??? Well, maybe we shouldn't have snickered quite so readily! If these guys are correct the "Amero" is on the way... and worse... so is that "North American Union" we have warned about, on this site, time and again.

We have two recommended sites for you to visit and check this out for yourselves:


and here:

This is troubling "stuff". Our new "governors", the Democrats, may find they have gotten much more than they bargained for with the American electorate. Fate has a way of doing this to those who assure us they have all the answers! Out here, in the hinterlands, we reply, to that assertion, with: "Put up, or shut up!" It now appears that the fabled "Fickle Finger of Fate" is about to poke us in the eye again!

However this turns out, it certainly looks as if a "correction" in the economy, and the markets, IS coming.

Could this be the reason the Republicans have been almost gleeful in quietly closing out their reign in Congress and getting out if town? Is this their "present" to the incoming Democrats?

Some joke, huh?



Frank said...

Nice conservative agenda, Longstreet.... Corporatism gone too far. They said the 3rd Reich would last 1000 years, now it raises it's ugly head as "globalism". Well sir we'll all be "Goosestepping" here pretty soon.

P.S. Longstreet if you get my first response delete this one.... I had an error when I hit the publish button.

Longstreet said...

Frank, this was the only comment I received. Apparently the orignal was dumped. Blogger will do that sometimes.

Frank said...

Originally I had a link to this:

it is on the same site from your other articles.......

I want our troops back from Iraq and on our borders, while we storm Washington NOW! I also want the Patriot Act dismanteled before it becomes illegal for us to talk of and Independent American Nation Know as the U.S.A. and spreading such ideas become treasonist. Longstreet you and me disagree on so much but keeping our sovernty as a nation is a common thread sown right through our core. I feel bad now for having laughed at the people dressed up like turtles opposing the W.T.O. If they would have gotten our support, who knows this may just be a distant memory, a fairy tale that would seem impossible to believe that our leaders, the leaders of teh Greatest Nation on earth threw that nation away! We need a movemnet in this country, that says "neither liberal or conservative cnadidates can be globalists", we may oppose each other on what to do within our nation, but we must keep it OUR nation above all other objectives. That was the "jist" of my original post that didn't make it..... Mayve the NSA intercepted it.